Dead Space 2

Alternative names: Dead Space 2

Game Dead Space 2 is one of the most exciting computer games.

Download Dead Space 2 you can play only if you have a full eighteen years. Download game Dead Space 2 you have the opportunity on the official website of the game or any other, that provides such access.

Before the game, you have a unique opportunity to see about the game Dead Space 2 videos. These videos will acquaint you with all the features of the game: characters, graphics and other elements.

In the game Dead Space 2 pc play you'll be familiar with the following characters:

1. Isaac Clarke is the protagonist. This character was in the first part of the game. Isaac was the only person who survived the ship "Ishimura". After some events in the game, he found himself in an unconscious state at the station Titan. Its main task is to destroy the game Obelisk. If he does not, it will suffer a lifetime.

2. Hans Teydmann is hereditary director station Titan. He has the highest rank in the civil society. It was he who launched the project Obelisk and is considered the main opponent of Isaac. Isaac still manages to destroy it.

3. Ellie Langford is a pilot. She was very lucky to survive in the cruel attacks nekromorfov. She is very beautiful and can manage different kinds of machines. Because Strauss lost his eye, but it did not prevent her opportunity to escape. Together with Isaac survived.

4. Nolan Stross is a character who suffers from mental disorders. He fell into a terrible madness. Because of his illness he had killed his wife and soybeans his son. It was during one of the attacks.

5. Daina Le Guin is yunitologii fanatic. Early in the game it helps to Isaac, but soon everyone will know that its purpose - is a project of the Obelisk. She dies of assault machines.

6. Nicole Brennan is Girl Isaac. She died on his ship three years ago. In the second part of the game uses the appearance of the girl obelisk to subdue Isaac.

In-Game Dead Space 2 Weapon most diverse

1. Flashlight - the first weapon of the protagonist.

2. Plasma cutter - is a subject for cutting mineral rocks.

3. Repainted plasma cutter - it's free weapon that occurred in the first part of the game.

4. Pulse Rifle - this army-type assault rifle.

5. Laser Rifle - for industrial cutting ores, heavy tool

6. Pipe Cutter - a special device for spot cutting, etc.

7. Flamethrower - an industrial burner, hydrogen.

8. Riveter - a device that shoots rivets.

9. Power cutter - is a pulse power cutter, industrial.

10. Sniper rifle - a weapon that strikes the target at a distance.

11. Contact mines - is a powerful weapon.

12. Drotikomet - a weapon that is used to take deep samples.

13. Power pistol - this manual accelerator gravitons.

14. Wrist gun - a simple weapon that appears on the challenging levels.

Game Dead Space 2 is full of different missions and divided into chapters.

Only real gamers under force game Santa Space 2.


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