Dead State

Alternative names: Dead State
It would seem, how much is said about zombie projects, how many games made on the subject, how many ideas have been implemented in films and serials. Impression that something new and original to come up with is simply impossible. No, the game Dead State proves the opposite. Despite the fact that the developers could not come up with something radically different from all that exists, the project looks as fresh as a minimum. So far free download Dead State is not possible, because the official presentation of the project is planned only for the summer of 2014. Time was not so much, but because it's time to just run an active campaign and a warm interest gamers with interesting facts about the upcoming project. So, as mentioned above, is nothing new in the project to implement failed. The aim of the game is still the same - to survive at any cost, to escape from the onslaught of terrible monsters. Dead State pc - alternative version of a zombie apocalypse, told representatives DoubleBar Productions. Noteworthy is the fact that the game's development was carried out by "donations" gamers, enthusiasts and people who were able to believe in the success of the project. The fact that Western companies developing games for a long time discovered project Kickstarter - resource enables you to collect funds for the implementation of his ideas. In fact, if not for users Kickstarter, which spared no money to implement the idea of ​​representatives DoubleBar Productions, our review of Dead State would never have been published. The essence of the game - to survive, thinking through various strategies and plans. The idea of ​​the project is as follows: for a city was attacked by zombies, managed to survive only a few small groups of people. As residents of the city, of course, did not prepare for such a disaster, zombies caught them unawares, have to be guided by the circumstances of the lucky ones. It should be noted that the walking dead in the project rather inactive. For example, from the hordes of zombies heroes can hide behind a simple wooden fence - the monsters will not take something to penetrate him. However, this does not mean that you can play Dead State will casually and relaxed. Be prepared for the fact that in addition to the undead camp your beneficiaries will threaten looters and thugs. Like cockroaches, these people were able to survive, thus denying their bad habits. Defeat the monsters in the game can only be united, but marauding brats do not want to go into coalition with the good citizens, they are much more interesting to continue to loot abandoned shops and homes. Presenter of the game Dead State video trailer can be seen that the voltage that will be present throughout the gameplay. Since survive without food, water and means of self-defense is not possible, your heroes have to constantly extract vital resources. Thanks to excellent graphics play Dead State is not only exciting, but also good from an aesthetic point of view (as far as can be aesthetically pleasing zombies).

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