Alternative names: Deadvide

Game Deadvide - postapokapsticheskaya multiplayer role-playing game browser fiction genre. Anyone interested in the events of the near future and wants to know what the survivors have modified on Earth, it is recommended to visit the official site Deadvide online and become part of adventurous activities. Something happened that should have happened. Got Game pharmaceutical companies with their experiences. Their work led to this catastrophe. As a result of ill-considered experiments spread terrible pandemic, which forever changed the human form. From now on, people of the world have become devoid of intelligence beings. Zombies are out for blood and do not know what they do. Only an experienced leader capable to restore order in their ranks, organize them and get exercise. Join in the game turns Deadvide comers such generals, and then everything will depend on you personally and of the efforts which will not regret it in the name of achieving the goal.

To play Deadvide, do not need high system requirements. Your computer must be connected to the Internet, but does provide the usual gameplay without any glitches. Deadvide registration takes only a few minutes. You must enter a character name, e-mail report, create a password, and specify the floor and choose one of the bonuses. Finally, click "Start" and go boldly into the unknown world of the future.

In order to play the game online Deadvide need to decide with belonging to the class. There are three classes of men and the same for women. They differ in some aspects. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. As we know, nothing is perfect does not happen.

Each newcomer offered one of the bonuses, which is designed in order to successfully start Deadvide play. Let us enumerate them, and what is more you will like - it's a matter of taste. So this the amount of money in the amount of 100 Z, which you can buy what it wants, random artifact that has an impact on the characteristics of guns and zombies, 20 different weapons or zombies together with the cell through which increase the chances of a successful attack.

Tasks that confronts you online game Deadvide, versatile and very interesting. You will engage in the construction and improvement of its own database, training zombie forming units, ensuring their arms warriors, strategy development. Appropriate training - the key to success in battle. Learn how to correctly set the gun on the battlefield, show your strategic talent - and detailed statistics after the automatic battle will certainly delight you. And it's nice to reap the fruits of your labor! After all, the victory will be credited to you certain bonuses. Remember that, despite the fact that the fighting is done automatically, you have an opportunity for all to observe a bird's flight. Wherever you are faced with the enemy, the battle system in the style of Tower Defence operates always the same. You can measure themselves in such locations as the river bank, empty city, jungle and many others.

Dear nick, Suck skills of your character. Let it become invincible, and you will be proud of his creation! Deadvide - a game in which a lot depends on yourself. Do not miss the opportunity to influence the history of the future. Release the home planet of the scourge and Praise in the virtual world his name. We can only wish that fortune was favorable to you. Join now and having fun for the most exciting pastime!


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