Alternative names: Destiny
Destiny - the game is young, but has already captured the hearts of millions of gamers. All players fell in love with her at first sight. And although the project is still eliminated some problems, it attracts thousands of fans every day. Enjoy the game for all those who love the projects with a science fiction slant. Made the game is very high quality and that is called the soul: graphics and music immediately credible. And that, in a play Destiny is not quite a traditional plot, and does make it a wholly bestseller. Should be warned in advance that Destiny - online-game, because you will always require an internet connection. Unlike most modern online games, the project must first be installed on the computer, and only then can you begin gameplay. To purchase the game today will need to register Destiny. The official website of the developer can do it in a few minutes. To register, use your account information in one of the social networks. On the lines will need to enter the username and email address. To gameplay started, the system must have access to personal user data - you will need to approve the resolution. Destiny will continue our review of the story about the features of the plot of the game. According to legend, the world was on the brink of extinction, but a certain sphere Wanderer managed to save part of the population. No one knows what the object and where it came from in the world, but still grateful to him for salvation. After a few years, all the surviving people have joined forces to build a new city together. That they do not in danger, people have erected last city directly under the area which still protects humanity. All of a sudden people were able to figure out what in the world besides them, there are other creatures, hostile, ready to kill everyone and everything. When you start to play Destiny, will know that the enemy of the nation encroach on surviving human race, and the threat becomes more real. In the game there are different races: -People. Exo - special robots that are fighting for the people faithfully. -Avokeny - Aliens are very similar to humans. The latter they are distinguished only skin - slightly -golubovaty. -Padshie - Mercenaries, fighting all the planets except Mars. -Kabaly - An advanced race that lives exclusively on Mars. -Uley - Lunar and terrestrial monsters. -Veksy - Beings with the gift of teleportation. Gamers play Destiny have as a defender guarding the human race. The project is interesting in that it does not impose any specific style of play. If desired, a gamer can pass all missions alone. But the project during the gameplay still struggles to bring gamers together. The meeting is very delicate and interesting: you suddenly notice running through nearby gamers, thanks to a joint session of the players close. If you want, you can enter into contact with him, no - go by without paying attention, a new meeting to present to you once again, and perhaps very soon. Gameplay takes place quite rapidly, development slows down only in specific research areas where a gamer can level up your character and earn bonuses. Unfortunately, while that for the beginning of the gameplay and download the game client will have to pay some amount of money. But would sincerely hope that very soon there will be a free version for Destiny.

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