Destiny 2

Alternative names: Destiny 2

Destiny 2: humanity is in danger.

Three American companies (Bungie, High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions) are working to make the game Destiny 2 the perfect continuation of the first part. The project is presented in the plane of the sci-fi genre, in which a multiplayer shooter from a leading person is perfectly arranged. Platforms on which Destiny 2:

will be available to play
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PK for Windows

The main theme that permeates the gaming product is the return of lost positions. This concept is quite extensive and includes power, weapons, possessions, and the like. d. The authors of computer stories love to put humanity on the brink of extinction, forcing him to look for a way out of the last forces. In this situation, it immediately becomes clear that the struggle is frantic, cruel, and long. What is happening takes the player to the distant future, when technologies like and reached significant heights, but they also became the cause of death.

Survive at any cost.

Download Destiny 2 can be in the fall of 2017, and those who manage to pre-order, will receive additional game items, content, access to extensions as bonuses. Well, now anyone can get acquainted with the features of the game, starting with the plot. People have long since mastered space, having received new problems besides the benefits. It turned out to be no less enemies than on Earth, among which Gol's army is famous for its particular cruelty. She never lost, but perhaps this is her weakness, because she is too sure of herself. The Red Legion attacks and devastates the worlds, and now its object has become the last city where there are still people left. The Guardians guarding him lost the unique forces that allowed them to keep the watch. Now people have lost their last hope of protection, and are forced to leave the city, fleeing.

But there are always brave souls who do not want to put up with the aggressor. They are ready to rebel, gathering as much strength as possible. Starting in Destiny 2 play. It is necessary to call upon the remnants of the forces scattered throughout the solar system in order to rally them against Goul and his legion. Only by using all the resources, and also by learning to act together, will it be possible to return your own house and everything that has been taken away. To do this, you will have a huge selection of weapons, and the developers have taken into account the requests of gamers, and canceled a set of random characteristics. If it used to take days and weeks to improve its performance, now you can focus on the mission, knowing that the gun will not let you down.

Among the places to be visited:

  • Nessus Planet of the World. On it you can find real treasures. Its inhabitants turned their abode into the world of cars that are found inside and on the surface.
  • Io satellite of Jupiter. He is interested in both people and machines from the planet Nessus, and he must be protected from the invasion of the Legion, who is looking for a new source of power here for future conquests.
  • Titan covered with water satellite of Saturn. From the depths, evidence of the human race lurks here and there. Only small villages and construction barges are still on the surface. However, under them in the dark water lurks something terrible.
  • City last settlement of people on Earth. It is built under the Wanderer, who feeds him with his energy and serves as protection against the enemy.

V Destiny 2 in the face of "Avangard" you will find a powerful ally, who is headed by a trio of Guardians, providing the army with equipment. Their leader Cade 6, who decided to become a wanderer, and now wanders through the desert. Joining him, you are waiting for a dangerous adventure.


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