Destiny 2

Alternative names: Destiny 2
Destruction 2: humanity is in danger. Platforms, which will be available to play the game Destiny 2:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • PK for Windows

The main theme, piercing the game product is the return of lost positions. E. What is happening takes the player to the distant future, when the technology seems to have reached significant heights, but they also became the cause of death. People have long mastered space, having received in addition to benefits new problems. It turned out to be no less enemies than on Earth, among which Goul's army is famous for its cruelty. She never lost, but perhaps this is her weakness, because she is too self-confident. The Red Legion attacks and devastates the worlds, and now its object is the last city where there are still people. The Guardians who guarded him lost their unique strengths, which enabled them to carry the watch. Now people have lost the last hope of protection, and are forced to leave the city, fleeing. They are ready to rebel, gathering as much power as possible. It is necessary to invoke the remnants of the forces scattered throughout the solar system to rally them against Goul and his legion. Only by using all the resources, as well as learning how to act together, will it be possible to return your own home and everything that has been taken away. To do this, you will have a huge selection of weapons, and the developers took into account the requests of gamers, and canceled a set of random characteristics.

V Destiny 2 in the face of"Vanguard"you will find a powerful ally, which is headed by the trio of Sentinels providing the army with equipment. By joining him, you are in for a dangerous adventure.


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