Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Alternative names: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Game Deus Ex Mankind Divided about the world's conspiracy.

One-user role-playing game Deus Ex Mankind Divided became the sequel to the series Human Revolution, released in 2011. Now Eidos Montreal under the publishing house Square Enix are preparing to release a sequel, narrating about the events of the plot in 2 years after the first part. Although the game will be released only 23. 08. 2016 g, it is known that Deus Ex Mankind Divided download is available for platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Windows
  • Xbox One

Stes-shooter with signs of a shooter from the leading person unfolds events in 2029. The future is not so far, but the authors endowed the game world with technologies that are unlikely to be available to humanity yet. Although, given that we are dealing with fiction, you can admit anything.

Short on the plot.

If you do pre-order, you can download Deus Ex Mankind Divided before the deadline. Damaged limbs or organs are replaced with bioprostheses, and people get new opportunities. Some use their advantage for criminal purposes, and this sets the society against all"mechanized"citizens.

The situation becomes heated Modified are considered outcasts and forced to live isolated. Among them, Adam Jensen is an agent of Interpol under cover. He is armed with mechanical bioprostheses and modern weapons. He is a stranger in the world of ordinary people, and among such people as himself. That is why it is important to determine the correct behavior model in order to uncover a secret conspiracy and understand who can be trusted.

Players have to develop the capabilities of Adam, turning him into a cunning, strong and dexterous warrior. Weapons will also be available for different samples, and it can be obtained at one time during the passage. During the skirmishes, the hero will lose energy, but unlike the previous series, where you had to find a way to restore it, now it happens automatically. It is mounted in a brush, and discharges 4 charges. Changed the functionality of nano-blades, they can work as a remote weapon, and in the forearm of Adam mounted PEPS illegal shock pistol.

Fraction and characters.

It is only natural that in this situation people were divided into two groups:

  • KPA coalition of rights augmented
  • OP 29 operative group

KPA is a non-governmental group, but has a weight in the political world, since it represents a significant part of the population of augmented people. A coalition is located in Germany, and it is headed by former physician Talos R cker. Recently, the organization has been accused of terrorist acts, despite its peaceful statements.

OP 29 appeared due to the decision of governmental organizations of different countries, and is endowed with full powers.

In each faction you will meet several characters. In the ranks of the CPA are:

  • Talos Rucker head of the coalition. To protect the augmented people, he prefers non-violent methods, but someone substitutes it.
  • Victor Marchenko is inclined to radical methods.
  • Vatslav Koller unprincipled engineer augmentation under the guise of the mafia Zhvani.

Composition OP 29:

  • Adam Jensen wants to stop the Illuminati in order to save the world.
  • Jim Miller Director of the branch.
  • Alex Vega helps Adam find out everything about the Illuminati.
  • Cicaine is a pilot in the Adam group.

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