Divide & Conquer

Alternative names: Divide and Conquer, D & C

You adore everything connected with the cosmos? Then Divide & Conquer online created just for you! Local star is not too bleak and, moreover, is not available. Because, where there are people who do not expect peace and tranquility. And divide and conquer online game proves this order of things already one name.

Thus, system requirements:

• Modern operating system (XP, Vista, Windows7);

• Screen resolution of 640 * 480, at a minimum will be the best yet, 1024 * 768;

• A modern web browser (Opera 8 are ideal. 5, Safari, IE5. 5, Firefox, Camino, Mozilla 1. 5)

• Connecting to the Internet via a modem or gprs.

To begin work on the grand plans to capture space, you must first, on the official website of the game, pass the stage Registration divide and conquer. There will need to complete the standard form:

• specify the name,

• password;

• a valid e-mail;

• your gender and date of birth.

After the start determined race. Registration in the divide and conquer game provides the opportunity to become a member of one of the following nationalities: Fatas, Techs, New Humans, Wanderers, Grayers, Dark Watchers, Rage Stones. A description of each of them can be found right on the spot. To begin with is better to choose a standard human race - New Humans. Later, you can transform it (and any of the above) as you want, and thereby get your own, unique people. Since the online game Divide & Conquer officially allows to create for himself countless accounts will be your imagination, where carousing. By the way, just so in Divide and Conquer Online is recommended to first create allies - in your face, so to speak. Otherwise, you can pretty quickly eliminated.

Once you have decided on and set up your race, divide and conquer step registration can be considered complete. The next step - the choice of "home" in the world. Those who want to create their own empire, better settle in the periphery. In any case, at your disposal from the outset only a small group of units: governor, a unit of self-defense, the colonists, three probe exploration and shuttle to fly. "Begin to play the game online Divide and Conquer" implies a "find a suitable planet." First, use the probes, and only then loaded into the shuttle and go to the development of the planet. Incidentally, this search can be carried out more than one day. For the beginner the most practical option would be the planet having the largest area, which means more resources, people and money.

To start playing the game Divide and Conquer Online is recommended to get acquainted with the basic features and rules laid out in the same place - the official website of this turn-based strategy. It is here that you will learn in detail about the commensurate resources (minerals, energy, organics), specific game bonuses and climatic conditions of the planets with your chosen people. Three times a day is calculated move. So twice a day come into play divide and rule would be sufficient.

As mentioned above, the online game Divide and Conquer very name explains that the priorities of the players must be placed in the vicinity of their diplomatic relations. Fans of political intrigue will discover a wide range of activities covering the relationship and the "war-union-neutral" and "suzerain-vassal."

Total: Play Divide and Conquer, surely you would be interested, despite some shortcomings unimportant, giving the impression of a rush of developers. If you dazzle night heavenly spaces, try to play worth anyway. Another undoubted advantage: Divide and Conquer game online absolutely free! So ... good luck!


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