Divines of the East

Alternative names: Divines of the East

If you enjoy games made in anime style, the game Divines of the East should certainly please you. This is one of the projects created by the developers Game321, therefore, as practice shows, you expect something quite interesting and well made. Browser Game is a wonderful reflection on the topic of games made in the genre of MMORPG. Accordingly, the project is implemented all the typical features of the genre MMORPG. For example, you have to gradually pumped character to be able to gain access to new levels. From the very beginning of the game to any participant of the project are available quests and tasks inherent in games RPG. It should be noted that all actions in the game occur quickly enough, the whole plot unfolds so rapidly that you, as a gamer stubborn enough to be a couple of hours to get to level 25.

Divines of the East online - a great massively multiplayer online game, implemented in 2D. Project browser, so you do not have to download and install any additional software or clients. Getting into the game, you are transported to ancient times. This game world is filled to overflowing with extraordinary unique creatures, which runs a Chinese mythology. But now there are not enough of the world. On the mission, you are responsible - now being chased by the gods on the one hand and on the other unfriendly creatures, you have to help this troubled land. Help can only united with gaming "colleagues", make new friends. Together to defeat the forces of evil will be much easier.

Since we are talking about the online project, then, of course, in the Divines of the East registration will need to start the game. Even despite the fact that all project management is presented in English, deal with it is not difficult - all done quite accessible and understandable.

To begin the registration process, you just need to link «Start game», which can be found in the left side of the game page.

It will open a registration form by filling you can start in the Divines of the East play. Carefully read the system prompts and fill in all fields in order to indicate your login, password and e-mail box.

If desired, every newcomer to login to the system will be able to use their data in one of the social networks. So, see authorize using Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Paypal. If you previously had to meet with games Game321, then check for you will come down to the introduction of previously recorded data.

Anyone will be able to play the game Divines of the East one of the character classes:

Eidolon possess magical powers.

Sword Saint well developed physically.

Leaf Elf can heal allies and other characters.


Pleasant and the fact that everyone will be able to play the Divines of the East free.


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