DK Online

Alternative names: DK Online

Game DK Online - multiplayer role-playing game is fantastic. Its makers, the Korean company Aeria Games, gave you the fabulous world of the game. Of course here is not without battles and conquests locks. Everything is based on the fairy tale, the disclosure of which is presented to you on the site. Gameplay takes place in the game DK Online online.

At the beginning of the game, for the good of the game, you advisable to check compliance of your computer as simple average system requirements:

· Average PC settings;

· Connection to the Internet;

· Keyboard;

· Mouse.

Here now stands to create your account, you have to issue in the game. DK Online registration does not take much time and cause trouble. Importantly, advise, check the information you provide

1. Visit the official website of the game Dragon Knights Online;

2. Go to - play for free beta version;

3. Can choose to register via a social network Facebook;

4. If you decide to continue with the registration here, click on the line where I ask, if you have an account,

5. Provide your valid email address,

6. To select the month, day and year of your birth;

7. , Enter the code in the specified window, which is listed next;

8. Tap - play.

Your request to play in the beta version shipped. Wait you do not have long.

When the time comes to DK Online playing, you have to choose a hero. The composition of any class and race you enter. Whose side you will take. The creators, the game DK Online, you are allocated for four races: Lycan, Elf, Human and Felynx. And these four classes:

  • Sorceress;
  • Warrior;
  • Paladin;
  • Shadowmage.

Sorceress - real revolutionaries, who possess the magic of ancient dragons. With agility wreaked havoc on enemies, giving them a strong impact on their magic. Keeps enemies at a distance.
Warrior - play an important role in the battles. Strong on the front lines, fighting to the bitter end. Strongest warrior melee.

Paladin - holy fighters near the battle, are the guardians of the Light, believe in the goddess Dione. Fighting with the sword and shield. Inflict heavy damage to white magic. Have good armor.
Shadowmage - have magic, but this is not a dragon, and its peculiarity. Better fights at large distances.

When choosing a race note that they do not correspond to all classes, that is, when choosing a race, you can only be in certain classes.

You create your castle that you will defend from terrible monsters throughout the gameplay. If you suddenly do not dwell in the battle, the castle goes into possession of another faction. And fight for your castle can be resumed next week. Monsters you kill not much. Experience give almost nothing, for the murder of a couple dozen mobs.


Play the game online DK Online pretty entertaining. This game has managed to lure high-quality graphics, easy to use, and it is a paradise for lovers of beautiful fantastic images of elves and werewolves. Welcome players of different age categories.


Dragon Knights Online game is waiting for you !


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