Devil May Cry

Alternative names: Devil May Cry

Game Devil May Cry - it's a video game that is a revision of the well-known franchise. In the series of the same name, it is the fifth and at the same time, 1st in a new series. This is the first game of the series, which did not the company Capcom, and engaged in the development studio Ninja Theory from the UK. Version of Devil May Cry for pc studio spent QLOC from Poland. This game in the genre of slasher in the Russian company 1C Softklab engaged, and this is the game, according to the magazine Gambling is the best slasher in 2013. Many gamers consider transmission Devil May Cry British (Ninja Theory) best event occurring with this series of games over the last five years.

If you decide to download Devil May Cry, you'll be able to make sure that while the game has become easier, at the same time improving on the face too. Gameplay has become very convenient and more thoughtful, and the game itself has become much more beautiful visually. PC version is not turned out worse for the console version with beautiful graphics and great control. In Devil May Cry appeared serious structured plot, furthermore Devil May Cry characters have a clear understandable motivation. Now dialogues characters became interesting for heroes now become interesting to watch.

On the internet you are sure to find many references to the Devil May Cry video, seeing that any gamer will know that the main character of this game is half-demon and poluchelovek engaged in the extermination of demons within their own agency. Once Dante is sent to fight Mundus - Lord of Darkness, to throw it back in print in the World of Darkness. It did at the time of Dante's father. And so Mundus in order to completely destroy the family for this Dante sent his servants. Dante sent away with the demons and then gets into a huge castle, which is its encounter with the demon Nelo Angelo, in which the soul is transformed Virgil - his missing brother. When you start to play Devil May Cry, you will see that this is how events unfold in the early game.

Any gamer caught in the virtual world of Devil May Cry will be able to make sure that the game takes place in some mysterious alternate reality in which the streets are spiraled tower suddenly acquires wings, demonic prison may receive directly from the reflection in the waters of the city river. A conversion can still occur nightclub in shimmering neon colors acid hallucination. Such almost surreal transformation will delight any gamer.

It should be noted that it is not all positive moments in the game Devil May Cry. Here the developers have done so that the weapon the main character was divided into three types depending on the mode. So Dante, while in standard mode could swing a sword and shoot a gun as of rapid-fire machine guns, in the angelic mode Dante as if he is attracted to the goal and streaked her scythe, in a demonic mode - pulls opponent hook and dispatches them a huge ax. And, although variants attacks a bit, but if skillfully combine the weapon, Dante can be compared with chopper evil forces. And as the game progresses, you'll get a huge amount of fighting techniques, a much more steep and spectacular.

In any case, try to play yourself, go Devil May Cry mission and do away with demons. Luck will not hurt!




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