Alternative names: Dofus

Game Dofus - is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Actions take place in the province of Amakna, which has dragon eggs called Dofus. In this province, they disappeared, and with them the tranquility of everyday life of the province. Your task in the game is to find one, using his strength.

Game Dofus registration under the force of any user. In order to register in the game Dofus you must do the following:

1) Log in to the official website of the game Dofus.

2) At the site, select the Russian language. You can change the language, if you click on the check box in the upper right corner of the main page.

3) Then you need to click "Create Account."

4) In the first line you must enter the Account name - the name for your account.

5) Then you must specify the Password - the password, but it can not be used in other games.

6) After that you need to enter Password confirmation - re-write password.

7) Following this, write E-mail - e-mail address.

8) And finally, click on the button « Register ».

Upon registration you will automatically agree with all the provisions of the game, given the privacy policy.

Play Dofus may each registered person has reached the age of majority. You also need to consider the requirements of your computer. For the game to be not less computer power as follows:

1. 5GHz - a processor (CPU).

256MB - Memory (RAM).

3D 64 MB - Video (Video).

Win2000 or XP or Vista - the operating system (OS).


In Dofus you can play such characters:

1) SPLM - are characters that are as nimble on the water and on land.

2) Kefo - the heroes who are true champions. They are like no other value unions.

3) Ozamodas - the heroes who possess magical powers. They can also be trainers.

4) Kladopata - they are the real treasure hunters. These creatures can get to know you by your eyes.

5) Rams - these characters are real robbers and murderers. They love money.

6) Kselora - these characters are wizards, which is subject to time.

7) Orleshki - these characters are men who are interested in how to get any prize for his feats.

8) Aniripsy are characters, which is subject to the healing power.

9) Iopy - it's unique and fearless warriors.

10) Kula are fearless archers. They hit the envy of everyone.

11) Sadida - is a character that is a caster who can able to prepare healing potions.

12) Zhertvora - these heroes can gain new strength, its powerful.

13) = Pandavas these characters are warriors who have a lot to carry.

14) Gangster trick - a class of characters who are real cunning strategy.

15) Mask Maskadera - are warriors that can adapt to many conditions.


Dofus online - is an exciting game that has captivated many users. Join the number of players in the game Dofus online.


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