Dragon Lord

Alternative names: Dragon Lord

Fantastic game Dragon Lord.

Even the biggest skeptic and lover of realism will not be able to resist the ingenious world of fantasy. It is worth to look into it with one eye, how you want to dive completely, becoming a part of something magical. This is the effect of the browser-based MMORPG game Dragon Lord. You will have a wonderful adventure in the ancient kingdom, where from time immemorial inhabited by orcs and elves, people and dragons. But, despite the long-standing neighborhood, there was never a peace between them. For many hundreds of years, the nations are tired of fighting, finding out the relationship, competing in the argumentation of their position.

Each pursues only its own benefit, not wishing to yield to a neighbor. So they will never stop strife, and there is nothing else left than to play Dragon Lord. Only in this way will you contribute to the development of the events of a beautiful but so cruel world. There are demons and angels here, and the idea of ​​the struggle between light and dark takes on a literal meaning. What will be the kingdom under your leadership, time will tell. In the midst of this chaos is to build a capital and strengthen it, so that no sly enemy can penetrate the walls of the citadel. To do this, you just need to start playing the game Dragon Lord, choosing the image in which you want to do your actions.

Details with the character.

The selection of the hero determines your further line of conduct, so think that it is better for you to act decisively in the front rows or keep a distance.

  • Fiory guru blade, taking power in the astral.
    • Aurora is a cute and cute angel, generously granting peace of mind and protection;
    • Marmina is another soul girl, but endowed with a talent of witchcraft, and therefore a witch in this world;
    • Metator of a more honest and just warrior can not be found;
    • This hunter hides the shroud of the shadow, from where she strikes her deadly blows;
    • Bigfoot trusts only his icy bears, who are as harsh and restrained as their master;
    • Uiller lives in a frozen desert, commanding the elements of ice;
    • The incredulity of his magic is black, and with his help he forced to serve himself a terrible demon;

    With everyone you can get to know better when the Dragon Lord registration is completed. But it has long been known that no matter how skilful a warrior was, his abilities consist of different factors. One of them is the presence of a steed, by means of which it is possible to overcome considerable distances.

    • The golden dragon is the main one in his family and he is entrusted to protect the spears;
    • Alias ​​of illusions is famous for the fact that it disarms enemies with its own radiance;
    • Plug Dragon is the product of a hellish abyss that inspires wild horror;
    • Black Adamant is a giant monkey, whose power comes from the terrestrial interior;
    • The golden griffin will merge in tandem with the one who will be the most glorious warrior;
    • The yellow roach stallion of golden suit, and everyone dreams of getting it.

    What is embedded in the passage.

    iPlayer Dragon Lord is filled with a variety of all kinds of missions, missions and quests, so that the opportunity to increase the experience will be more than enough. Want, go to battle with the players to prove who is the strongest. And if you want, defeat all the computer monsters around, and you will also receive the due reward. But for this hero must be relentlessly pumped, improving his basic skills.

    • Light is a positive force, allowing to heal wounds;
    • Shadow improves attacks from the shelter;
    • The attacking force in the forefront;
    • Protection improving it, more chances to survive on the battlefield.

    There are also dragons:

    • The ice can imprison everything in ice;
    • Plant spews out of hell the real hell;
    • Dragon of light, even in the impenetrable gloom, will find its opponent.

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