Dragon Age: Inquisition

Alternative names: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Studio developers Bioware is known to many gamers because it has managed to create a lot of different projects. Now approach another creation programmers - the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. This project is a continuation of the famous line of Dragon Age. The third part of the series promises to be a classroom of computer role-playing game. It is assumed that immediately after the official release of the game, it will be available for use on personal computers and laptops, PlayStation and Xbox. Officially download Dragon Age: Inquisition everyone will be able in the second half of 2014. At least until that developers had provided it with such information. Because of time before the official start of the game there are very few, already open for pre-order. So with a strong desire can now enroll in the number of those who have access to the first game. After examining all available today in the network information about the game, we could not include in this Dragon Age: Inquisition review remark about a huge virtual world, to realize the project. The game expanded the number of locations available. Gamers will be able to change and improve your hero in different directions. And of course, based on the gameplay is extensive and colorful battles in which victory can only depend geymerskogo skill. The developers have also promised that their new game will be significantly increased the number of active characters. Along with familiar characters (such as eg Morrigan) will appear in the project and the new, more powerful characters. Do not forget that the second part of the line caused quite mixed reviews from gaming critics famous, so developing Dragon Age: Inquisition pc representatives Bioware tried to take into account and correct all the mistakes committed earlier. So, was returned tactical component that players still remembered by DA Origins, but almost completely absent in DA II. Promised that the number of quests and missions available gamers will be significantly increased, and the complexity of the rise of several levels. In Dragon Age: Inquisition will need to play, traveling across the expanses of Thedas. The world does not recover after the events described in the first two parts of the line. Problems do not retreat, and now the Templars decided to separate from the Church. And that's not the worst news: magicians, for example, have become rebels. Simply put, Thedas experiencing times of decline. The inhabitants of the world the impression that all of these troubles are controlled by some outside force. Is the world opened a portal that transmits sinister monsters and dragons? Look to the Dragon Age: Inquisition video and learn that the protagonist will be the leader of the Inquisition - a body created specifically to study the causes of unhappiness Thedas. You along with the Inquisition is not only to locate the sources of problems, but also to destroy them!

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