Dragon Age: Origins

Alternative names: Dragon Age: Origins

Game Dragon Age: Origins is a computer role-playing game, which was developed in the fantasy genre.

Actions in the game Dragon Age: Origins takes place during the late Middle Ages. Virtually all races in the game possess magical powers from birth. The game is a religion that resembles Christianity. Elves and magicians in the game are considered pagans.

Download Dragon Age: Origins, you can with the official game site or downloaded from other websites that provide this access. Also, the game Dragon Age: Getting You can download on the torrent, a special website that gives free access to different files.


In-Game Dragon Age: Origins characters are characterized by their features and abilities. All the characters are divided into races

1) People - is the most important and common race in the game. People in most of the followers of the church.

2) Elves - a race, which is divided into urban and Dalish characters. Previously, they were considered immortal. Elves are hiding from the people.

3) Gnomes - they live very deep underground. Many gnomes have never seen the light, but there are gnomes landsmen are those who live underground banned.

4) qunari - are real conquerors. They have a few leaders. They do not accept magic, consider it a curse.

5) Sylvanas - they are living trees that grow in the wild forests of the area. They appear after the tree is infused spirit or demon.

At the beginning of the game you choose your own prehistory and last name, you can not change.

In Dragon Age: Origins Mage - this is one of the names that can be worn by men or elves, as well as combat class. The game also has other names: Dwarf-aristocrat, City Elf, Human nobleman, Gnome commoner Dalish elf. Each is characterized by its name and history features.


In-Game Dragon Age: Origins armor - is the main protective thing. There are different sets of equipment, which are present in armor

1) Set includes Templar-Commander - Knight Commander armor and helmet of the knight-commander.

2) Ancient Elven Set includes - helmet, armor, gloves, boots.

3) Set-diligence includes armor, gloves, boots.

4) Set includes Juggernaut - gloves, helmet, boots, armor.

5) Efforts Kit includes - Helmet debt, armor, gloves efforts shoes efforts.

6) Set the dead included the Legion - armor, helmet, boots, gloves.

7) Wade Armor includes - leather armor young dragon.


In Dragon Age: Origins characters are divided into classes:

1) Warrior - brave class has a powerful attack. Specializations: Templar Knight, Berserker, Ripper

2) Mage - uses magical powers. Specialty: werewolf, a spiritual healer, battle mage and blood mage.

3) Rogue - this ingenious class that is constantly trying to outwit the enemy. Specialties: duelist, assassin, ranger and a bard.

Also in the game you will be given the ability to download additional content.

Game Dragon Age: Origins - is another exciting computer game that has a large number of fans.



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