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Game Dreamfields - one of the representatives cute series of games from Plinga Play. Certainly more Dreamfields is designed for young representatives geymerskogo class, however, and grown players can relax by playing this cute and good-natured game. Dreamfields online is somewhat reminiscent of common and loved by many applications on Facebook or Twitter page. More realistic to imagine what to expect from the game, you can try to test it by clicking on the"Try"at the bottom of the form for authorization. By the way, the language of game design can be changed from standard English into more understandable to our compatriots Russian. flag) and change it to Russian.

To see a more complete version of the game you will need to register. So exactly Dreamfields check just like many other online games, is mandatory. Registered users get access to more game options and bonuses.

1. To registration process started you need to fill out a form, which can be found right in the center of the game screen.


3. If you still prefer traditional methods of registration, the top field of the form, called E-mail, enter your email.

4. In the following line to enter a password to log in to your personal account. Try to choose it more or less difficult to play the game Dreamfields was safe, and your account could be hacked.

5. In the line"User Name"enter your nickname, just so you will access the system during the game.

6. To accept the terms of the game, please tick the relevant line.

7. If you choose to subscribe to the correspondence from the administration, unless you want to receive messages, leave a place for show empty.

8. All fields are filled in? Click on the green"Register"button.

If you are in Dreamfields play from your account in Facebook, then the list will show your friends friends who also have installed and play Dreamfields.

During the game system will always offer you more and more tasks and quests that will not be bored. Completing tasks proposed system, you can get bonus points. And this game fondly certainly will not leave anyone indifferent


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