Dune 2

Alternative names: Dune 2

Game Dune 2 - browser-based real-time strategy free model. Enjoy thrilling gameplay can online, nothing downloading and installing. At its core, the game Dune 2 - it's a clone of an existing popular project. More analogues on the Internet you will not find. How different is a remake of the original version, it's the fact that the creators have here the opportunity to play against each other or team against team. Ie the company Westwood Studios proposes a project with multi-user mode. Also, the game differs quality graphics and sound design. Inherent to all your favorite games and gamers elements of strategy games: economic model, different features of the warring parties, a world map, where you select the destination for the next battle, the fog effect that hides unexplored spaces, intuitive user interface with command panel.

Dune 2 registration open up a world of dizzying events. To become a legitimate user you just log on to the site and create a server. Tell the necessary information (password, email address), and then wait for connection to other players to create a server and if you have internet speed of 64 kbit / s, you can begin to gameplay. On the other system requirements can not worry. After all, publishers care about product availability, hence tried to do everything possible to make the required parameters were minimal (the 286, video card VGA , 7 MB of free hard disk space).

After registration in the game Dune 2 passed in front of you what the choice is to join the space dynasty. You will be taken to a planet with harsh climates and become the commander or the Atreides, or Ordos or Harkonnen. The difference lies in the manner of behavior, and even every dynasty has its own color. Ordos (green) striking suddenness, and their favorite feature - maneuvers. Harkonnen (red) used to rely on military power. And Atreides (blue) try to stick to the golden mean. Arrakis will appear before you desert territory, where at first glance there is nothing of value. But the sands are deposits of valuable substance called spice , in other words, spice, spice. It is for this treasure and you have to fight. If you win 9 fights can feel the rightful owner of the Dunes.

Why should you start playing Dune 2? Do you have an assembly area, through which you can build buildings. When you receive a cleaner, start to collect spice, with the aim of turning it into a cash equivalent. And the proceeds may be invested in the development of buildings and troops.

While working with sand, be careful. There are found huge hearts that could swallow cars and even divisions. Of course, to meet this evil, you can donate to those objects which will not be sorry, but you can take a different position - rake vile worm and get hide. Truth through time and again he will have to complete the initiated - that is to fire a second time, defeating him completely.

Play game Dune 2 can be in different modes. So in Quick Battle mode is short fights where take part up to 4 players. But mode Battle for Dune - something big. Dozens of players may be involved in fierce battles. Divided in three great houses Dunes nick fighting for core areas of the planet Arrakis.

The longer you Dune 2 play, the stronger you become. Each new victory gives access to new types of weapons, troops and buildings. After the 8th fight You will own a full arsenal. For all that you do get points, but for failing fights Points can be removed. Watch this carefully. Also, the results of fights are regulated by the rating list of players. All results are recorded in the database for each player. At the end of the game you can read them on the page "Rating the players." Why not try to push in this list for the first position?

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