Alternative names: DV8

Strategy comes from the future game DV8. It will make you feel the future warrior, fighting for peace, goodness, humanity. On the ground, there was one major city - Whitespire. World turned upside down, and now violence, evil, theft - all permitted by law. Those who still continue to resist the new regime, the so-called send a link where someone breaks down and give up, and someone continues the war and tries to do everything possible to return to a normal life! Being one of the creations Developer Plinga Play, DV8 online made in the best traditions of this company. Good graphics, fun gameplay, exciting story - the most important thing for any fan of online games. Of course, to a greater extent, this game is designed for the younger generation of gamers, but growns have repeatedly seen her.

If to this at least once you've played any game Plinga, start in the project account, then hurry to please - for the registration process you will be reduced to a minimum. More precisely for you registration process was a time when you registered in the system for the first time, can now simply log in and start playing. If you are a beginner, then be prepared for the fact that for you to DV8 registration is required, but in the future you will be able to log into any Plinga-game under these data.

1. Right in the middle of the game screen in front of you is a form for registration. Despite the fact that the game management is not adapted for Russian gamers will understand everything quite simple.

2. System be allowed to register using the account to Facebook.

3. If you prefer a standard registration - in the top line called «Email address» enter your e-mailbox.

4. Next in the «Password» record your own unique password. Try to choose a password that he might as safely protect your account from hacking, and you can safely play the game DV8.

5. In line «Username» will need to enter your username which you would like to use in the game, in the future it will be used in most games, except where there could be further to give names to characters.

6. That the system did not doubt the goodness of your intentions and was confident that the game gives you access to a real person and not the bot, you have to agree to accept the rules and user agreement, otherwise you will not be able to play DV8.

7. If you want to then subscribe to an email newsletter on the system tick «I accept the terms ...», if not, then skip the line.

8. All filling, press the «Register».

This is an interesting and exciting game that will help you pass your spare time. Play free DV8 can be anyone. So sign up, play, go into the game every day and get bonuses from the system after every five days. In this game, you can enhance your social network friends or new acquaintances of society Plinga. Hurry, you need a fighter for justice


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