Eador. Lord of the Worlds

Alternative names: Eador. Lord of the Worlds

Eador Lord of the Worlds online - addictive turn-based fantasy strategy game with elements RPG . Through the joint efforts Unicorn Games Studio and Snowbird Game Studios users were balanced draft with a wide variety of tactics and behaviors during the fighting. In the linear plot intrigue lies, because things do not go on a particular pattern, but depend on the decisions you take here and now. Eador game. Lord of the Worlds - a huge universe, fractured as a result of magical cataclysm into many separate pieces, each of which is a separate world. The protagonists - powerful Lords. They are destined for eternal life, and this mere mortals call them gods. But the gods are not alien to all human and therefore started a fight among themselves for power over the worlds. Eternal scrapes and squabbles, bloody clashes and grandiose battles - all you have to survive, once decided to try on the role of the Lords and start playing Eador. Lord of the Worlds.

Eador. Lord of the Worlds registration will take you to a virtual reality that is literally breathtaking. You can go to the game with such social networks as VKontakte, Facebook and Twitter . Even if you still have not created a page in any of them, it is not time consuming. Account creation process will require the introduction of important information, namely, user name, password, e-mail address - and then you'll have access to your account whenever soon as time and desire.

Before the gameplay, it is useful to look at the list of system requirements:

- Operating system Windows XP ( SP 2) / Vista / 7/8;

- CPU Intel Core 2 Duo clocked at 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon [ _1_] II X 2 with 1.6 GHz;

- Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon X 1900 or better;

- Compatibility with DirectX 9. 0 c ;

- Supporting DirectX sound card;

- Free space on your hard drive 2 GB

- 2 GB of RAM.

First he found himself in a fantastic abode, look closely and decide who you would like to become. Since no one entices you to join us for good or evil, the choice is yours hand. You can become a real, or go to the virtue of an entirely different way, terrorizing all around. It should be remembered that the choice of the road of life always affects the state of karma, which is an indicator of malignancy or blissful hero.

Game Eador allows Lords to equip your own castle, to engage in research surrounding land for gold, crystals, explore mysterious temples and ancient ruins, to produce the necessary resources to study the essence of spells to use a huge arsenal of weapons and carry out many other activities. What can not only go for the sake of the immortal lord cherished dream. To unite under his authority as much land Lords often lead diplomatic negotiations conclude different unions, and if peaceful means are not going well, so without further scruples may resort to military action and fight fearlessly and with each other, and with dangerous magicians, and with sinister forces of chaos. It should be noted that all the Lords quite stubborn, and no one just does not cede the slightest piece of shrapnel in the world. Fight well and you selflessly, not to please the freebie hated enemies, let them try to take away from you what you have previously had your eye on!

Eador Lord of the Worlds you'll play using all possible weapons, spells, and different forces. Success depends on how wisely learn to combine it all and be able to feel whether the subtlety of a situation, to know at what point it is better to apply. Indeed, in each individual fragment has its own rules. And if, for example, in one mages can solve almost everything, then in another, more effective or can be paladins or dragons. Generally in the game world there are eight races. But no one calls you a choice, making use of one of them severely. There is such a thing as a temporary alliances, which means that periodically you will be able to collaborate with one or the other race, was soon to be at one with a completely different race. That is, you can generate the army of mercenaries belonging to different races. No restrictions in this case gives a feeling of freedom that can not not like nick.

Eador: Masters of the Broken World waiting for you ! Join and determine the fate of the entire universe! Feel its significance with a unique game, cheer up at your leisure, demonstrating worthy competitors, what you can do! Good luck!


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