Elements of War

Alternative names: Elements of War

Elements of War online is - multiplayer strategy browser-catastrophic fantastic foo

Genre. Lesta Studio developers decided to make innovation, and for the first time released a fantastic

Future strategy that paid off as soon as possible. You find yourself in a very unique world

Where various scholars from around the world have developed the latest technology "Conditioning weapons" that

Led to death when tested. On the face of the earth lost New York and Washington. Power

Other countries tried to catch the perpetrators of this disaster, then the war between nations.

And so there was a war. Mirotvornaya Europe and Russia became also interfere with each other.

Educational events will charm you. See for yourself.

To start playing Elements of War, make sure that your personal computer

Supports all the necessary requirements

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista Windows7;

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3. 0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000;

Memory 4 GB minimum;

Hard Drive: 4GB and more also,

Video Memory: 512 MB minimum;

Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 4700 b, and more;

Sound card must be compatible with DirectX;

And, of course, an internet connection access to the browser, keyboard, mouse;

Making sure that your PC supports all the above listed requirements. This

Project does not require a download, so you can go directly to the registration of Elements of War is a very

Quickly and easily. You tell the e-mail address and then send you a letter with login and

Password. You fill out the required fields, that is, give a name to your character to enter a login and password, and immediately

Yourself in a super dynamic project fi genre.

Now let's you look at the essence of the game. Elements of War play very interesting and exciting.

You expect to much, dynamic and interesting battle and not only. Most udevitelno what

Weather conditions are constantly changing and this will inflate the gameplay. Gameplay here

Also interesting in its own way, you can make the choice for what you want to fight the Russian army

Or the United States. The choice will be yours. And you will have a unique selection of PVE-mission has them here

More than a decade. In which you will wage fierce battles with bandits and marauders different. Certainly

Same, unique and amazing armor technique which there are about twenty-five, and of course

They differ among themselves fighting abilities and options. Elements of War, you can not play

Off every minute you wake delay the strategic multiplayer thriller.

To summarize: The classic controls are conveniently in order not to strain and relax and get

Fun game Elements of War. Large spaces locations area for more than two kilometers

Squared is, of course, cool. A huge selection of units and manage them just you. With each

Mileage level you will earn a large number of bonuses and prizes, and of course you will

Receive military rank and not only stay excited about this. Mission here differ from conventional

That about ten of them here and they are very ambitious and single-player. Control various

Troops will make you feel on top. So much more interesting and is waiting for you ahead.

The developers promise you a lot of pleasure and delight game Elements of War, you will amaze your

Graphics and special effects. Go ahead do not stop. May good luck accompany you!


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