Elite dangerous

Alternative names: Elit Dangerous

Game Elite Dangerous space simulator.

The conquest of space is the dream of mankind, which will not come true for a very long time. Of course, some countries send their ships to Earth orbit, study the surface of the Moon and Mars, use satellite to predict the weather, monitor their neighbors, and perform many other operations. However, this is childish babble compared to what the Elite Dangerous game offers to space simulator. It was developed by the company Frontier Developments, entrusting the publication Frontier Developments. It was released in the winter of 2014, and the last update was in the spring of 2017. It is also the next Elite series, but much advanced in terms of technology.

Starting to play the Elite Dangerous game, an experienced gamer will notice a lot in common with previous versions. The most important thing that has been preserved is the ability to surf the vast territories. In this case, the developers decided not to tie the player to such conventions as the choice of profession. Actually, although they are provided for here, but they are very conditional. At any time, you can reconfigure the ship and do something unusual in the chosen role if it is more profitable in this situation.

Through thorns deep into galaxies

After the desire to download Elite Dangerous was embodied, the novice receives a ship and 1000 monetary units of credits. This is the only thing you need to start a career:

  • Trader
  • Pirata
  • Researcher
  • Hunter Behind the Head

But, as already mentioned, being a pirate and seeing a damaged alien ship, you don’t have to finish and rob it. You can help restore its functions, share food and fuel, with the return of his support. This allows you not to constantly think about your role, but simply act according to circumstances, enjoying the gameplay.

In the open world there are about 400 billion. star systems, so that will roam where. Countless planets are unique in nature and resources. By exploring them, you can find huge deposits of minerals and start mining them. Fight with competitors is inevitable. Although the expanses of large, but the beaten paths are not so many, and even more studied the planets, which flock willing to profit. All your actions have consequences. For example, doing well economically, one day you will become a monopolist and you will be able to influence the external market. The same applies to politics who have more military power, he rules the ball.

V Elite Dangerous can be played by selecting one of 3 modes:

  • Mass Online;
  • A cooperative group of players team up to manipulate outside the online world;
  • Single is no direct connection with other gamers.

You can still choose one of the galactic forces and swear allegiance to her. The higher your status, the more you yourself can influence its decisions. The top of the government periodically issues a task to whom to attack, who to ruin, with whom to begin negotiations, and so on. By obeying and fulfilling the requirements, the player in return receives valuable game bonuses.

V Elite Dangerous everyone waiting for constant adventure and unlimited choice of action. The players themselves control what happens around them, affecting the best of their strength, profession and rank. Here everyone will find a place for merchants, prospectors, politicians, military, free mercenaries, pirates and other professions. Develop your ships, giving them new features and abilities. Equip with a weapon, because even a peaceful trader sometimes needs to defend himself. Look for allies and conclude peace treaties, start wars and act as an envoy.


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