Empire: Four Kingdoms

Alternative names: Empire: Four Kingdoms

Game Empire: Four Kingdoms about the medieval kingdom.

If you like to play toys on your mobile phone, we recommend Empire: Four Kingdoms MMO strategy for Android, iPhone and iPad. The development belongs to the company Goodgame Studios, which took care of adaptation in several languages, and you can choose a convenient one. Events take place in the time of kings and knights, so that the medieval atmosphere reigns in everything. After a short introduction, during which help to deal with the management, proceed to independent action.

Empire: Four Kingdoms download is not difficult, because it is available for free. But if you are one of those who can not wait to progress faster, then prepare to periodically send from your account a small amount for speeding up construction, mining, or improving the building. If you prefer to play on the big screen, you can download Empire: Four Kingdoms on your computer, and this will be a browser-based toy with the same settings as its mobile version.

We are digging into a new territory.

Each player is allocated a piece of land, which must be protected and developed. Build inside the kingdom of the building, extract resources, train the army. Gradually, the boundaries of possessions will expand, as there will be more needs. There are many buildings, and access to them is opened gradually, but the most important ones are:

  • Mine quarrying
  • Sawfish
  • Ferms
  • Keep services
  • Tables

One day they allow you to accumulate useful materials, others are responsible for food, others are needed to protect the kingdom. You will also have spies. On the one hand, these are useful guys who will help to find out about the military potential and the economy of the neighboring kingdom, but on the other hand they can become a problem. For example, sometimes they excite people, and fires begin to break out in the city.

It should also be taken into account that spying for neighbors is not only you, but other spies are also spying on your lands. To catch them, send guards patrol the streets. A captured spy can find out valuable information about who sent him, and send his army to the customer.

Game Empire: Four Kingdoms allows you to choose the tactics of the development of events. Try to negotiate peacefully, and only if diplomacy does not give results, participation in battles can not be avoided, so that you will still have to attack or defend from time to time. For this it is necessary to skillfully use the available forces, correctly arranging them, and applying the available tools to the place.

There is also a choice to deal with the enemy himself or to unite with friendly kingdoms. The choice should be made each time individually, based on your capabilities and enemy forces. In this case, we can give advice in the society to behave actively, so that you will be known and appreciated. If you actively participate in the life of the alliance, in case of an attack on you, there are more chances that the call for help will quickly respond. In addition, there are elective offices in such associations. In addition to leaders and their assistants there are diplomats, they help to make peace between alliances or unleash a war, having first studied their relationship. Recruiters are engaged in the search for new members of the alliance, the marshals command the main forces, and the treasurers monitor the filling of the internal treasury.

Empire: Four Kingdoms game has many faces, but it's impossible to tell about all in detail. There will be invasions of nomads, samurai and other foreigners. There is a study of new lands with difficult or favorable conditions, participation in royal trials and much more.


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