End of Nations

Alternative names: End of Nations

End of Nations Online - a multiplayer game in the sci - fi genre. The game takes place deep in the future, when our civilization is still caught up with the strongest economic crisis consequences. In the world there is no order, there is chaos and poverty prevails. And then there is the group that vouches for the restoration of peace. Try to believe.

Game End of Nations assumes certain system requirements that are worth synchronize with your computer settings:

• processor - two core, 3000 MHz

• RAM - 2 GB

• Video Card - GF8800;

• connection to the Internet.

As always, just decides to play - it turns out that you need to register. End of Nations but registration will not cause much trouble, and yet necessary to the security of your account. Do not forget to check the data provided

1. Login to the official website of the game End of Nations;

2. immediately to the right there is a window for decoration;

3. enter your name;

4. Now enter your name,

5. specify the date, month and year of your birth;

6. enter the address of your current e-mail address, it will receive all the information on the game,

7. create a password, do not use it on other networks;

8. repeat previously coined password;

9. select your country from the options;

10. if the consent of the provision of information about the game, and agree with the rules of the game - place a checkmark in these boxes;

11. tick the box - check.

Play online game End of Nations will help you with the same specific machine name - units. The game has such units

• Mauler;

• Cobra;

• The Remote Uplink;

• Neutralizer;

• Peregrine;

• Malkin;

• Jaguar.

Mauler - tank, respectively huge, powerful in battle, but slow. Resistant due to armor.

Cobra - combat class, gets in several enemies at long range.

The Remote Uplink - station to communicate with the staff. Weak class, not combat ageneral industry.

Neutralizer - tank. With average parameters, often taken as the commander.

Peregrine - attacking trucks, does not have good armor, but pretty quick.

Malkin - tank, not heavy, with strong enough, has a good set of features. Primary means.

Jaguar - unit for fighting. Very fast and powerful. Rocket has equipment that uses while traveling.

In End of Nations is not easy to play, not an easy task to save the world. The game released three fractions:

• Order of the Nation;

• Shadow Revolution;

• Liberation Front.

The leading is the Order of the Nation. And so bude not long. You need to help solve the problems in the world, to deprive this fraction power to defeat their units.

Fashionably play online for free, so it is possible to download End of Nations. To do this you will need a torrent or another program that you have in the system.

The game gives a sea of ​​emotions from the process of peace returning to normal life. Delight you with high-quality graphics and animation over which the creators did a good job.


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