Enemy Front

Alternative names: Enemy Front
Enemy Front begin our review we would like to mention that the game contains a lot (to be precise, it is even a lot) of violence, so if you are unsure of your nervous system, it is best to choose something more loyal. All the same the rest of the game gamers have to taste. This newest first-person shooter. The official release date of the project so far has not been named, but it is expected that developers will delight fans of the genre in June 2014. Enemy Front pc - project, describing the events of the Second World War. Of course, you have to shoot a lot, a lot of killing, throw a lot of grenades and fearlessly and calmly use edged weapons. If you first do all this will be uncomfortable and scary enough, then after two or three days spent with the game, you will become a real soldier, who is not afraid of blood or suddenly appearing enemies (such as, in principle, is usually the case with shooters) . Enemy Front - a game that will turn you into a soldier who is behind enemy lines. Of course, do not bring him here goodwill and responsible task to which no one else can not cope. Task force your hero to visit many countries - you will come to Poland, France, and Germany. Together with the main character you will need to take part in many battles. All this is necessary in order to ultimately did-you could get to the secret German base. That should make your hero? About it in detail, you can learn after will be able to download Enemy Front, in the meantime try to intrigue you, telling that, according to legend, the German military scientists were able to invent some weapons that would help Hitler win the war. This project is characterized by its excellent graphics and great gameplay. All this combined with atmospheric music allows gamers to become part of the game, completely immersed in the virtual world. In Enemy Front will also be interesting to play unrivaled story. Last characterized by "swirling" and tricky. With this pass game will not be easy, gamers at every step have to face complex problems of choice, to meet the challenges and realize the most unusual strategy. After watching the game Enemy Front video announcement, many gamers want to personally test project and indulge in its brutal, but very exciting atmosphere. Pleased to note the fact that the test project after its official presentation will not only computer users, but the owners of consoles. Developers also promised to release an expanded edition of the exclusive project with many missions, original soundtrack, unique weapons and content that are not available for owners of "standard" of the game. But so far, talk about the cost of this publication, for that matter, and how will it be released in Europe early.

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