Echo of Soul

Alternative names: Echo of Soul, EOS

Game Echo of Soul - a new game, which is still in development. This game is created by Korean studio.

Game Echo of Soul online game is in the style of fiction and created in the genre of MMORPG, and is also considered a game client.

Those who do not have time to sit at the computer, then there is good news - it is able to download the game Echo of Soul into your smartphone.

In this game there is a unique system - a system shower. What is it, you will learn when you start playing the game Echo of Soul.


In Echo of Soul registration takes place as well as in other games. To register, you will need to enter your user name and password for the game. Since the game is still in development, on this occasion there is no more information completely.


Play Echo of Soul can naturally every person who registered on the site who have computer settings meet the requirements of the game.

Because this game is still in development, it is still not known exactly which parameters should be at the computer. The only thing on that you just have to expect - a requirement to the Internet. It must be high.


In Echo of Soul you will play, learning the story of the goddess who sacrificed herself to save the planet. Her soul was divided into smaller particles, which were in different parts of the Earth.


Game Echo of Soul online offers you four classes of characters:

1) Warrior - is the most powerful class, which aims to combat. Has a powerful attack.

2) Warlock - not inferior to combat soldiers. Their magic all afraid, do not be anyone in their way.

3) Rogue - it's quick and quirky class. They can perform tasks of any complexity.

4) Guard - is a bold class that protects those who need help.


Naturally each class has its own characteristics, which they have hidden for battle.

Game EOS offers you free to work on the appearance of your character. You can change the color of his face, eyes, shape, and also to pick up an amazing hair and a gorgeous suit.

You in the game Echo of Soul will need to perform a variety of quests that are associated with the soul of a goddess.

Against you in the game will act skeletons, creepy monsters and other horrible creatures. Give strength to bring your character. And for them you get a piece of the soul of the goddess.

Thanks particles you can open a special effect that will help you in the fight.

Also in the game Echo of Soul have pets that will help you. Some of them you need to drive. In addition to the battles you will need to solve puzzles that are not everyone's strength.

Game Echo of Soul online full dynamics, interesting challenges and exciting adventures.

Wait Russification in the future of the site and the completion of the gaming site.

Echo of Soul online be sure you will win and will give you the wonderful moments that you will surely be impressed and will not leave indifferent.

Enter the world of Echo of Soul and learn about the legend of the beautiful goddess, who decided to go on a brave act for the sake of other people's lives.


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