Era 13

Alternative names: Era 13

Era13 online - a novelty in the networks of the Internet, located at a given period in beta testing. This is an incredible sci-fi style, able to conquer each of its innovative system of character development, as well as an exciting combat system. This browser projects successfully combine MMO and RPG. You will take part in the most imaginative battles and pump your hero, striving for perfection. Who does not want to become invincible? If you are not afraid to step beyond the bounds of the familiar world, to plunge into the atmosphere, where ancient magic intertwined with innovative technology - the game Era13 created just for you!

Play game Era13 you can with a conventional computer, which corresponds to the average system requirements. The creators have tried to do for the convenience of users, and albeit we do not have a list of relevant parameters, we can safely say that on this issue the game will not be capricious. Access to the project you will get after you pass the check-in game Era13. To create a personal account you must report e-mail address, create a password, then activate your account by clicking on the link that will be sent to the appropriate letter. Era13 registration will allow return again and again to the case initiated until you feel that the mission comes to an end. However, it is too early to think about how it will be pleasant to look down from the heights of Olympus glory. Before you succeed, will have to put a lot of effort to perform a bunch of different responsibilities.

How it all started and why people are so changed by clicking in the new era? The fact that at the end of 2012 and does not happen any natural disasters, not profit from the expanse of the galaxy evil aliens, not steel is growing across the globe epidemic. In short, everything that dreaded humanity passed round. But not all so simple. Shadow down to earth, and the people saw that they can have a special gift, do things, which previously had never dreamed. But they have yet to learn how to use new skills and improve them.

Who you become in the new world, you can choose from five options. Characters are divided into grizzly (adept at fighting neighbors), rogues (see the future, they can manage), kibershamanov (craftsmen build strong curse), sirens (accustomed to act in the forefront) and fairies (are treating allies ably support them, and enemies able to inflict great harm). It is clear that everyone has their job and skills needed to perform these tasks. What role would you choose, you will be in demand and need in the team. So listen to your heart before you decide on an occupation.

Besides the characters, players run, there are other images. You will come across such famous personalities as Master Alex (former priest), Anderson (collector of artifacts and antiquities) and Nokta (goth girl). As possible to meet with the satellites, which are still being sought. This is Skye, Vasilisa and Doc. Of course, it's not all surprises are prepared Era13 game. Will be many special moments that require you to navigate the site and decide how to behave. And it concerns not only meetings with game characters, but also in other situations.

It is worth mentioning that you will need the things without which it is simply impossible Era13 play. First, weapons. Presented it with pistols, shotguns and rifles. Secondly, such consumables as elixirs and pennants. Third, the clothing and accessories that help you personalize your character. Fourth, magic cards, allowing own by certain effects. Fifth, magical seals, called glyphs, reinforcing one of the parameters of the unit.

Make yourself how versatile and saturated this game. Gameplay undoubtedly quickly gets hold of your attention and become one of the favorite activities at your leisure! We can only wish that you were able to implement all our plans!


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