ESCAP Frome Tarkov

Alternative names: Escape from Tarkova, Escape Frome Tarkov

Igra Escape from Tarkov or escape from Tarkova.

Izdatel and the developer acts as one person Battlestate Games Studio has announced that the game Escape from Tarkov will be released in the MMORPG genre, Arcade / Action 2 presumably. 06. 2016 Also known features of the game and the story of the product, and fans of military simulators are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the new. Toy promises many innovations and unique features. In addition to the vast open world players expect the full realism of what is happening through a specially developed additional modules MMO. We can say that the players have to download Escape from Tarkov unique game in which intertwined huge living world, the most popular genres, the ability to interact with the environment and absorbing script.

Iskusstvo stay alive.

Gde something on the Russian expanses lost ghost town Tarkov. Once he was a prosperous and full of life, and now only the wind walks its streets touching the electric wires, chasing scraps of paper and cutting off old posters. At stops still stands abandoned vehicles, and vehicles parked at the house. Houses more reminiscent of the empty boxes with broken windows and shattered inside the walls. Factories are not buzzing, not ringing trams, not noisy crowd rushing to hire people.

V this empty city launched military action two rival military organizations: the United Nations on the part of the West and the Russian Armed Forces. But even trained to survive in any environment soldiers will not be easy to cope with the situation of this terrible place. Players will have to find a way out Tarkova, remain alive when death may occur from a variety of reasons:

  • Mnogochislennyh raneniy
  • Otravleniya radiatsiey
  • Raznyh bolezney

U you will not have a weak opponents, as if on the verge of testing opportunities, so get ready to download Escape from Tarkov, as a way to prove to myself that many hours spent for other gaming products, not spent in vain. Each job-quest closer to finding a way out of a strange city. At the same time, you will learn the whole story Tarkova with its secrets, which will be useful for the passage of success. No moment is not distracting from the realistic images. Characters interact with the environment, using its advantages for their own purposes. Changing weather conditions and time affects the process of doing battle, and the character behaves in accordance with its state of the degree of injury, health, atmospheric influences.

Sovershenstvuem heroes.

Geroy constantly developing in four directions:

  • Umstvennom
  • Fizicheskom
  • Prakticheskom
  • Boevom

Poluchennye knowledge will be useful in intelligence operations, the assault on enemy targets, research expeditions, trade, joint missions, with the intercept and collect resources. Everyone can specialize in certain skills, but it is necessary to develop it. Development in the game, and the economic side. Apart from the fact that players are mined at an auction they need resources, it is possible to go to the flea market for the purpose of exchange of goods, as well as initiate their own commerce with subordinates. Among other things, players can engage in espionage, treatment, production and optimization of weapons, research, and other adverse action to help achieve the main goal. Suppose that before the release of Escape from Tarkov on your PC is a few months to participate in the closed beta test is not too late to register. This is an excellent chance to learn the story from the inside before the others.


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