Euro Truck Simulator

Alternative names: Euro Truck Simulator

Game Euro Track Simulator - a quiet game, perfectly suited for a quiet break away cold winter evenings. This simulation game that perfectly embodies the best qualities of the economic strategy. It's kind of a game veteran, as its official release took place in 2008, 2012 and last project developers have already been presented its continuation. The game's graphics are definitely not the most high quality and bright, but it has become the norm in the matter of implementation of simulators truckers. Projects of this kind basically take its plot and gameplay execution.

Game Euro Truck Simulator - your chance to become a truck driver. If you've always dreamed of becoming a truck driver transporting various goods across the expanses of land, this is your chance. The game is played from the first person, but because the screen will be shown all the speedometers and screens. To better understand what is this game, you can see a special Euro Truck Simulator video trailer. In addition to any participant will have access to the map, which will be applied in advance of the export routes. All done as realistically and thoughtfully, so each driver can adjust the mirror at yourself. To make sure your character is not tired, the screen set to the appropriate scale indicator.

Euro Truck Simulator Russia and many other countries have managed to appreciate. In front of each player will have a huge number of missions and tasks for which performance is due incentive bonus and cash awards. Your character will have to closely monitor the state of your vehicle (which is also easy to do with a special exponential scale) and repair it whenever you need to not get stuck on the road somewhere.

To further intrigue you, and you could quickly download Euro Truck Simulator, told about the project available in the career ladder, that is, throughout the game you will be standing in front of a definite purpose. To achieve the rank of each new work, you'll have to play Euro Truck Simulator, performing a series of specific tasks. The player is not bored, jobs with each new level will be more complicated.

As you become a driver razvozyaschim loads in different directions, you will need to take care of getting licenses and visas. Gather up the required amount of money, you can buy a permit for entry into a particular country. The license cost increases depending on the size of the country. Game designed to trifles, so you as the driver will be required separately to obtain a permit for transportation of dangerous goods. As you can see, you will not be bored after you can download Euro Track Simulator.

Even despite the fact that today it is not possible to play in Euro Truck Simulator free download (declared value varies between 7-8 dollars), many players are active participants in the project and learn to live the life of a trucker.


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