Euro Truck Simulator 2

Alternative names: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Game Euro Track Simulator 2 - continuation of the famous pro-life simulator truckers project. As shown, the gamers to one's soul like simulators that do not make 90% of possession in tension and develop cunning strategies and plans, but just give an opportunity to relax and live the life of the common man. The developers of this project were the Czechs SCS Software. Continuation of the legendary simulator completely refurbished and boasts improved performance, more fun activities and, of course, more advanced graphics. In all of this you can be sure just by looking to Euro Truck Simulator 2 video trailer.

The main objective pursued by the developers of the project, was as close as possible to reality game reality. Now not all the roads you will be able to overcome rapidly and smoothly, the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 has prepared for you a few surprises that are in the implementation of congestion on the roads and toffees. Will vary and cause traffic jams (which you can learn in the course of the game), and depending on which options you have to choose out of the proposed situations. The creators have tried their best, because now the computer is driving according to all rules of the road (taking into account all the nuances - interference right, minor conventions and so on - it just can not get you to download Euro Track Simulator 2).

At this time the project is perfectly realized the system of road signs. Most of them are intended to limit the movement speed of your hero. Initially set the speed limit is 90 kilometers, but if you want this setting you can disable. Once you are able to Euro Truck Simulator 2 download, you will see for yourself in the "legitimacy" of the new version of the game, because there are even cars speed limits for some countries.

Of course, as in all the simulations, the game Euro Track Simulator 2 offers participants a few accelerated game time. Your driver can drive without rest to 11 hours, but after this time it is urgently take 9 hours of rest, and you will need to plan ahead to be able to get to a decent hotel for the night. Simulating fatigue also realized very realistic, now that your character will be exhausted from fatigue, the game screen is completely dark, and control of the vehicle will be truly lost, that is likely to provoke hit your hero in an accident. Then, to continue in Euro Truck Simulator 2 play, you will need to repair the car to the service station. If desired, the simulation of fatigue in the settings can also be turned off.

All those wishing to Euro Truck Simulator 2 download free to announce that the game currently costs about $ 20, while buying it on the official site.


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