EVE online

Alternative names: Еве online, ева online

EVE online game is an exciting online game amazing, which contains a variety of elements of space simulator, strategy and role-playing.

EVE online - is a multiplayer game, which is a mass. In this game players play with different parts of the world.

EVE online registration offered an unusual way. To begin with site administrators propose the following:

1. On the main site of the game you have to arrange your free trial account, which operates two weeks. In this entry, enter the following information about yourself:

- Your e-mail address;

- Include your name, can be fictitious;

- Write password, preferably high complexity;

- Enter to confirm your password again.

- Click on "Create Account."

2. After this special download the game client. This is done by pressing a special button that says "Download the game client." For Windows and Mac OS system different game clients.

3. Next you need to view a video tutorial for the game EVE online.

4. Then you need to browse all the useful information provided on this site.

5. After that you can start the game in the trial version.

Play EVE online can be the one who has a computer system parameters such as indicated below or much more powerful

Intel Core 2 Duo (AMD Athlon 3600 + x2) - processor.

1 GB - RAM.

128MB with DirektX 9.

20GB - Winchester (Hard disk drive).

EVE online play you'll be in the distant future, through a huge amount of time after the man first visited the Cosmos.

Feature game EVE online is that improving your character possible without your participation in the game. But learning the character is very long time. Here you have to be patient.

In EVE online for free, you can perform such actions and thus develop your character:

1. Extract resources - those resources that are needed for the construction, ships, ammunition, and space stations.

2. Production - to produce something you need drawing product and its copy.

3. Trade - in this game you can buy and sell. Market in the game form the players themselves.

In EVE online you will be the leader of one of the four factions.

When you create your character you choose

1) fraction to which it will belong: the Amarr Empire, the Caldari State, the Gallente Federation, the Minmatar Republic.

2) Character Gender: male / female.

3) Race, which will treat the character.

4) Appearance.

EVE online is one of the best computer games. You will not regret it, if acquainted with the world of EVE online.

Begin did not hesitate to register, the more that you can get a trial account. So, you have a great opportunity to try to play EVE online.

EVE online will unveil many mysteries and enchant your world.

Perhaps it is you will be the winner of this game, so go for it!


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