Alternative names: Evolutions

Online Game Evolution - free browser game. This is a unique opportunity to get into the world after the cataclysm, to take part in its revival. Evolution online game - a continuous struggle for supremacy of the three elements. Everyone has long known of good and evil, as well as a neutral force, designed to maintain balance. Evolution online gives you the opportunity to make choices and become one of the sides. Join Evolution will make you a party game and open the door to the unknown world of the future. This game is set on a powerful server and therefore has a great rate. But, if you wish, you can install on your computer the client part of the game to ensure the flow of traffic reduction. Business, as they say, thrifty. Evolution Online registration is available to all and is not complicated or problematic process. Just enter your character's name, email address, password (repeat it again), the code from the image and click Register. Join in the game evolution made you a full inhabitant huge virtual world, where each of the warring parties will beckon to him. Realize what is your soul, and try to choose their path.

Evolution online game includes several scenarios for the character. Those who seek to combat glory, direct way into the arena. It is here that the great battle. With each new level, you will feel all the more satisfying and Estsilon play is more interesting than the above step to your cherished glory mighty warrior. The combat system of the game is out of the ordinary duels, group, chaotic and mixed fights. You can participate in simple and horse fights. However, not everyone is so loving and bloodthirsty battles cries. There are people who dream of a quiet measured life. Evolution game took care of peaceful citizens and provides a choice of many professions. If you do not want to think about the war, and possess one of them and nothing will prevent deeper into economic activity. With the acquisition of the license, you can become a magician, a blacksmith, a doctor, a forester, a miner. But this is not a complete list of occupations. Oh, and one more surprise! Restless excitement for fans of the game created a maze tournament. Your taste and sense of risk bubbling blood in his veins? Please! Go there!

Once you have decided to take a native manner and character, not hammer constantly strive to improve their performance. Speaking of the character. It may be either male or female. As well as standard or unique. In the game there are parameters that characterize our heroes instinct, skill, power and durability.

Play Estsilon You will be in the Oasis and adjacent areas. You can select the old or new shell the town square. This is how you yourself like. Changing the type of character occurs in the questionnaire. Location in any case remain the same. There is an arena, bank, state, and Exchange commission shops, church, houses Orders and masters, rental shop, market masters, backwater, dense forest, the dark cave, monument and tournament maze. Naturally, you have to figure out what's what. For example, the bank - a repository of foreign currency savings, shops designed for the buying and selling of different things, and so

Play the game online Evolution will be easier if we can seize a sufficient amount of gold or save game euro. After all, they give the opportunity to acquire the necessary things. There are sets of things: Reg. things that are available in stores, things improved with modifiers; magic; resources and gifts. That only is not included in these kits! This weapons and armor, and clothing, and artifacts and relics, and herbs, and river gifts and more.

Provide themselves with necessary things, you do not have to feel uncomfortable. After all of them, or rather of their presence, much depends. How do you think it is possible to fight successfully without good equipment? Logically, no. So try to pick things up properly and modifiers.

Play the game online can Estsilon with true friends, which you will find here. You have the chance to create their own order or join an existing one. To do this, you just need to choose the most suitable to you.

You will certainly appreciate the advantages of the game. Her colorful gameplay will delight you, and contests held administration will bring pleasant surprises. If anything is unclear, support staff is always helpful and needed help.

Good luck to you, dear creators of the new world!


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