Alternative names: EX. GODS

EX. GODS online - free browser based multiplayer fantasy game genre BBMMOG. Project of Ex. Gods fully focused on PvP combat. Background talks about how alien gods invaded harmonious world and began to encroach on the Titans, who have long worshiped residents Necklaces Worlds. Naturally, for such willful behavior aliens must pay, so valiant warriors set off two factions after them. But no, to cooperate and strive together to solve this problem. Representatives of the factions staged a kind of competition. Everyone wants to be first in this crazy race and punish the invading gods deserve. The feud between the Eagles and Lions erupted more. On which side will win? Maybe that is you can help one of the factions to reach your goal? Hurry, your brothers in need of help!

EX. GODS game thanks to its many features will win you over from the first minute. PvP system is built on this principle that the winner takes all. You will be able to join the battle and use them as combos and their own tactics. Turn-based battles are so realistic that for a long time remain in the memory of the participants. Enjoyable moment is the ability to transform into different creatures. In this case you use all the powers inherent in a particular monster. Gameplay involves the creation of clans and alliances. Together with allies you will go to the conquest of various castles and dungeons. Believe that such campaigns will fully satisfy your thirst for adventure! Also inherent in the policy game and you will be able to develop relationships with other users. And add to all the high-quality graphics, an interesting storyline, a variety of locations, adapting games for all modern tablet computers and low system requirements. The main thing is to be consistent with such parameters PC: OS Windows / 2000 / XP / Vista × 32 / Seven ; processor Intel Pentium ΙΙΙ 800 MHz, 64 MB video card, 256 MB RAM. The conclusion is clear. In general, you get a fairly attractive picture! Creators and really made every effort to present users a quality product.

Join in the game EX. GODS open the door to a magical world. First you choose the incarnation, then enter the desired name, email address and tell come up with a password. Remember that EX. GODS registration implies acceptance of the rules, and you express your consent is the fact of the Incarnation. Having your own account as a gift, you can play EX. GODS directly in the browser. And take the time to download the client does not need to.

To get started, you will be asked to perform the introductory quests. First job to help adapt to the game, gain experience and collect some gold. Gameplay accompany sensible tips, so do not worry that as a beginner, you are lost and can not find their way. The longer you EX. GODS play, the more difficult the task becomes. But the reward matches the effort. For example, there are tasks for which performance you will receive a mask. A mask - this opportunity will turn into a monster. And since there are a lot of animals, you can visit the different images.

You will be able to choose a faction, reaching the third level. Before this, you will need to fulfill the quest "The Source Plague." If you can not kill yourself boss named Werewolf, invoke the aid of any of the players. More experienced gamers will be pleased with this service for you. So, stepping Werewolf corpse, you will face a choice - Lions or Eagles? Eagles differ elevation and refinement. These blue-blooded creatures around like order. Features of character - cold, calculating and cunning. Lions - is the heir of the Byzantine Empire. Noble character, straightforwardness, honesty, love of life - the basic traits of these barbarians.

Play Game EX. GODS you will, still follow the same basic parameters: levels of mana and health, experience and prowess. Also at each level, you'll decide which set of talents to develop. This is the distinctive feature of the EX. GODS online.

The further you move forward, the more opportunities you have. For example, after reaching a certain level on a scale of valor, you can visit the store and purchase a master of the arena right things. Things tend to wear out, so getting something in your property, you should monitor the status of the object and the time to repair. Otherwise, over time thing may disappear.

Dear players in front of you so multifaceted project that assess its full potential, you can only after they themselves try to play. Start an exciting experience and soon feel that it is so addictive that it is impossible to put down. Enjoy the game!


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