Alternative names: Fable

Fable - multiplayer computer video game in the third person. Fable game that found a cult. After all, in fact, those who developed this game, have invested in it not only strength, but also his soul. Amazingly addictive game. Fable game originally released on the PC, but the further part of this series of games released for consoles.

To begin playing, visit the site where you can download Fable. But from the outset we advise you to read through the review and see the Fable video. What would you have been better informed.

In-Game Fable You'll play as a regular character without a name. The plot of the game is that you are traveling in various locations of your fantastic planet, and together with this fight, eat, change clothes, buy homes and raise your level. The world is a fairly large. All you're doing is changing as you would in real life. Depending on the methods you can become a battle: warrior, archer or mage. And in fact, you do not have what that one weapon.

Also, before you select the side of good or evil, good or bad deeds, which will change the appearance and attitude of others.

Your clothing is as protective in nature, and affect the ratio of non-player characters. Light - attracts dark - repellent.

Will please you as a little entertainment, recreation, fishing, where you can win not only the bait, but you can catch jewels. More fights, for the champion title. And the most interesting puzzles Demon Doors - talking door. When performing tasks also get rewarded.

Furthermore you in the game Fable, of course, there are the characters:

• Hero;

• Guild Master;

• Mays;

• Uisper;

• Thunder;

• Braer Rose;

• Archaeologist;

• Lady Grey;

• Scarlet Robe;

• Teresa;

• Two - Knife;

• Reaper;

• Nostro;

• Jack Blades.

Hero - is you. No one from the family. In the Guild of Heroes you have been trained.

Guild Master - the wisest and oldest resident of Albion, a teacher.

Maze - the head of the Guild of Heroes.

Uisper - woman, Your partner in training.

Thunder - the most famous hero, brother Uisper.

Braer Rose - noblewoman, which was kicked out of the house. Is Guild.

Archaeologist - examines the history of this Kingdom.

Lady Grey - Mayor Bauerstoun. Thunder loves.

Scarlet Robe - mother of your character. Hunts werewolves.

Teresa - the older sister of the Hero.

Two - Knife - King villains who was a hero.

Reaper - teacher heroes. But only in the beginning.

Nostro - founder of the Guild of Heroes who died.

Jack of Blades - and the main evil enemy, an ancient demon.

Also in other cities you will meet new temporary characters.

Fable game has a pretty high-quality graphics, through which passed all the most beautiful and terrible moments in the game. Musical score adjusts to the correct way, and not distracting.

Fabliau game noteworthy players. Do not pass by, hurry to the site that would

Download Fabliau and become one of these mystical Heroes.

Good you play!


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