Fable Legends

Alternative names: Fable Legends

game Fable Legends based on legends and stories.

It is not serious looks game Fable Legends, more like a merry fairy tale with elements of the heroic saga. However, as was intended by the authors & ndash; make the best of a serious story with a bit of humor, but not children, in the hope that the project in the genre of action -RPG entice all ages.

It is planned that Fable Legends can be downloaded for One Xbox and PC with Windows 10. Open beta testing will be conducted in the spring of 2016 And in that same year, the developer and publisher Studios Lionhead Studios Microsoft are going to release the game.

The first edition does not abound locations and characters will make their actions in the main city, but the authors are going to create a series of sequels, gradually expanding the map, part of the characters and other things. As for modes, gamers will be able to choose a single user or a cooperative. However, to stop the election on a single pass, you will not be alone & ndash; next will be the company of the characters, computer-controlled.

So far, work on the project is in full swing, players are trying to learn more details of what they are preparing developers. Each news animatedly discussed and spreads rapidly, and it became known that download Fable Legends will be possible to model free-to-play.

The fate of the hero & ndash; your destiny.

The events take place in a densely populated world of Albion, where it is expected there was a situation where the ubiquitous evil prevents the glorious heroes to live peacefully, happily, so good ever after.

Before Quartet emerges all the good guys & nbsp; one villain & ndash; the leader of the goblins and orcs. Yes, a villain, but under its control a lot of aggressive minions, and it actively uses its power to noble warriors nasylaya his army to prevent you perform good intentions.

In addition to the huge green freaks leader sets traps and manipulate the weather, causing various disasters. In general, boring heroes will definitely not, and if it becomes, the main villain will take care of their cheer.

  • Scary protected in the most vulnerable areas arbalester armor.
  • swordswoman heavy magical shield.
  • Cute killer with refined manners.
  • naughty, funny sorceress, able to effortlessly freeze any, and to pretend that it is not being.

    with the hero you'll find yourself in a world where magic, legend and history become one. You are waiting for the amazing quests, challenging assignments, strange meetings with interesting characters populating Albion. You decide the role & ndash; sly deceiver, fearless warrior, brave mercenary or virtue itself.

    Your character deserves better, so make sure that he did not need the gear.

    Their strength and power of strikes can be gradually increased to give it privileges after passing missions in Fable Legends on PC.

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-860 Quad 2.

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