Fable: The Lost Chapters

Alternative names: Fable: The Lost Chapters

Talk about all the virtues of the game collection The Fable just does not make sense, because gamers from all over the globe are well aware of them. Separately, a few words I would like to tell all the same that is a game Fable: The Lost Chapters. It's a wonderful game console, made in the RPG genre (well, that managed to intrigue? ). This project for a long time remained a game for XBOX, and was adapted for computers only long after his official presentation world. But apart from the long-awaited version of computer players waited a very pleasant surprise - an updated and improved graphics. You should Fable: The Lost Chapters download only because of the graphics: here all perfectly realized, dynamic shadows, enjoying popularity in modern games blur effects, shaders. You can see the shadow of every tree or bush, and hiking in the woods game just defies description - it only needs to see with my own eyes.

You have to perform in Fable: The Lost Chapters quests, which is, by the way, there are quite a lot. This part of the game - it's an extraordinary world where your every action will cause a change in the course of events. Each new job will change you, regardless of your wishes. Depending on your actions, you can become either a brave and courageous soldier, standing firmly on the side of justice, or in the devil, contributing to the spread of evil across the expanses of the game world.

Plot Fabliau unfolds as follows: the main character has lost the entire family after the massacre robbers with all the residents of his native village. After this tragedy, the boy comes to famous hero named Maze, which makes him an offer to join the so-called heroes guild. By adopting this proposal, the boy falls into the series of workouts and training, during which he experienced in battle legendary swords Fable: The Lost Chapters and becomes a true hero, capable of feats and revenge.

I would like to stress attention on the updated and improved system of quests. Now the hero must get all their assignments in the Guild of Heroes on a special card quests. Besides serious and responsible missions and tasks the protagonist will be available mini-games and additional features such as fishing or treasure hunts. Your character will now be able to tie the knot with a girl he liked and live a quiet family life. Special charm gives an opportunity to "brag" - you can bet with any of the participants that perform a particular task, using only some particular in Fable: The Lost Chapters weapons.

Implementation of fights and duels in the game is extremely realistic and simply breathtaking. However, the seriousness here permanently intertwined with humor and ease. Some jobs may be hiding dirty tricks and practical jokes - be careful. And to imagine what was going on, look for Fable: The Lost Chapters video trailer!


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