Fairy Tail

Alternative names: Tail of the Fairies

Game Fairy Tail - an amazing fantasy

Do not get tired of being amazed at developers who are able to come up with magical worlds, revive them with the help of strange creatures, magic, natural elements. They force them not just to function, but to interact harmoniously: to establish contacts, quarrel and be friends, to give and carry out instructions, sometimes to fight, sometimes to trade or grow something.

Fantasy browser game Fairy Tail with a multiplayer mode is one of such creations of the masters of the game space. It is made in the style of anime, and this is another reason to look into it for those who are not indifferent to the big-eyed heroes.

Your residence permit

The inhabitants of the kingdom of Fior, which is located on the western peninsula of the Earth's Edge, are happy to see you in the role of a new settler. There are 17 million wizards in peace and friendship, but sometimes there are controversial points leading to rivalry and competition.

Their main job is trade in magic. All existing guilds and free creators are subordinated to the Magical Council, which monitors finances, issues tasks and empowers. To play in Fairy Tail, you need to pass a test and get a dedication.

The first, the simplest test will be Fairy Tail registration:

  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Confirming the password
  • Create an account

If you log in through the system, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Meil. Ru, Facebook, joining a group interested in the game of gamers. When you receive a pass, name your gender and name, and select the abilities that you are interested in to become one of the 4 classes of heroes:

  • Mag of the elements - grown up in solitude, a little closed, but purposeful. He has the power of four natural elements.
  • The dragon killer knows the secrets of ancient magic and knows how to fight the dragons.
  • The magician knight is useful in re-arming magic, when it is necessary to confront different enemies, and he has no equal in the front ranks in the offensive.
  • The inviter can not boast of physical strength, but has learned to control the stars, and now calls their strength in battles.

We are adapting to a new place

The final choice of the magic character presented in male and female guises, it is necessary to take into account that all further events, developments and partners are connected with this.

Enually unchanged - the constant development of the hero through active participation in the life of the city, the fulfillment of tasks, the accumulation of characteristics and new talents. You will need good equipment and loyal friends, more useful spells and allies in case of a dangerous situation.

No one has canceled the game currency for which useful artifacts are being purchased, and the development of talents is accelerating, and therefore, save crystals with money in big battles, small errands and by staying inside iPlayer Fairy Tail every day.

The account will be helped by Siege, Battle for the Store, Paradise Tower, participation in which involves a company of other guild members. After registration, you will pass the courses of the young magician and try the forces in the training fight, for which you will still get an incentive reward.

The more you study, the wider your possibilities, but the most pleasant is that newcomers receive mandatory gifts for the first week, and every day they are all the more important. The length of stay online is also noted.

The passage of the levels gives the next discovery. Soon you will be able to start equipping the hero, choosing equipment in the menu, then magic will be available, in the smithy you can improve weapons, strengthening their functions, and the"training"button will allow you to train personal characteristics.


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