Fallout 2

Alternative names: Fallout 2

Fallout 2 - computer role-playing game. Game Fallout 2 is a cult, a game in which the developers have managed to embody the best qualities of the compound for a successful game that fans would recognize her. In front of you is really a great toy. American part of our planet, it is pleased with its output back in 1998. But the huge Russian state in the not-distant 2008. It touched upon the subject, in fact, which can not be interesting. Actions take place 80 years after the events of the game Fallout.

Can start and download Fallout 2, visit the official website of the game. But here we consider it necessary to inform you that for better confidence in the gameplay, you have to finish reading this review and also view the video - reviews.

You have the main Fallout 2 character - Elect. And you elected to return to the world in search of pre-war art GECK. Take on the world in which you are located. After all, it is the world post-nuclear war, the world has turned into one continuous desert. This is far in 2241. Your town is not one that unites survivors.

Elect shall perform Fallout 2 Quests - tasks that will arise before him, or who - it will give them to him.

Assortment Fallout 2 features a huge weapon. With a reserve of no options for destruction. And do not think it's that simple. You'll fight not only against people, but against mutated copies that are unclear to people toli toli to animals Wanamingos, ghouls, rats, Super Mutants, the claws of death, geckos of giant ants Radscorpions Brahmins, carnivorous plants and praying mantises .

Fighting'll own against automated computer opponents without the aid of friends, as the game is only available as a single.

Also you have more such characters:

• Sulik;

• Vic;

• Cass;

• Marcus;

• Myron;

• Skynet;

• Janet Lynette;

• Tandy;

• Harold;

• Frank Horrigan;

• Goris;

• Lenny.

Sulik - has a connection with the spirits, joins the Chosen. The representative of the savages.

Vic - trades in Klamant.

Cassie - owns a bar outside the Vault.

Marcus - sheriff Brocken Hills. The representative of the Super Mutants.

Myron - not a fighter, and a medical genius.

Skynet - guard military base. Based on the human brain, artificial intilekt.

Janet Lynette - the main city of refuge.

Tandy - NKR President.

Harold - a representative of the ghouls.

Frank Horrigan - chief opponent, super mutant.

Goris - Death Claw - albino researcher.

Lenny - gul - Doctor.

Game Fallout 2 is not any difficulty in the passage is not the main thing, be careful. It takes you a long time. but if you are familiar with the tricks, it will pass quickly.

The graphics improved, but still not as much attention was paid to how the first part. But to feel the beauty of developing events as you can. Especially when complemented by an excellent soundtrack.

Game Fallout 2 download You always have time. Main dare to die for their surviving comrades in the shelter. Everything is in your hands. Good game!


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