Fallout 3

Alternative names: Fallout 3

Fallout 3 - a computer game in the genre of Action and RPG. Game Fallout 3 is the third part of a series of games Fallout. Presented as a continuation of the second game Fallout 2. Developments are only after a further 36 years, as a result in 2277. Presented to you the world if you are not familiar with this cult series of games, after the events of a nuclear war. Peace is restored after the war. Before you almost desert, with some shelters that hide people escaped. And some people have suffered and mutated. Playing, you will understand that knowingly game has many fans and is a cult.

Before you download Fallout 3, we advise you to be careful and read the review, and do not lose sight of the Internet presented in Fallout 3 videos. And then how soon can play Fallout 3 download, visit the official website.

You - Lone Wanderer - the protagonist. Because the developers have provided only a single mode, then play you awake by themselves without support.

In-Game Fallout 3 weapons, as in the previous chapters, presented in a huge range: cold, light, heavy, energooruzhie, explosives, and perhaps most relevant, and always with you - without a weapon, but rather a melee battle.

Game start with the birth of your character. You create it completely, but skills are not in your power. And when he is already under your leadership, you can make your changes. So, perhaps, the most important benefit of the game is to develop skills of your character:

• Barter;

• Heavy Weapons;

• Energooruzhie;

• Explosives;

• Burglary;

• Medicine;

• Cold weapon;

• Repair;

• Science;

• Light weapons;

• Subtlety;

• Eloquence;

• No weapons.

Barter - controlled charisma. Needs to influence the price when buying or selling.

Heavy Weapons - endurance - Managing attribute. Efficiency of use of this weapon.

Energooruzhie - attribute - perception. The effect of the use of weapons.

Explosives - also perception. Depends on the effect of the weapon.

Hacking - controlled perception. Depends what kind of complexity can open locks.

Medicine - controlled intelligence. Points depend on health.

Cold weapon - attribute-power. Effectiveness of bladed weapons.

Repair - intelligence. Allows you to keep weapons and armor in order.

Science - intelligence. Necessary for computer hacking.

Light weapons - controlled dexterity. Effectiveness of using this weapon.

Sneak - agility. Ability to remain undetected.

Eloquence - charisma. Ability to influence the interlocutor.

Unarmed - endurance. For fights without weapons.

You can further choose a costume that's just not available in every Fallout 3 armor.

As in any game, the main thing to achieve the main goal, go Fallout 3 quests. And you got to Vault order to search his father, who also got a long time and did not come back.

The quality of play, consisting in gameplay, graphics and sound, has a fairly high level. Pleasantly situated in an environment close to reality.

Game Fallout 3 is waiting for its hero.

Enjoy the game!


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