Alternative names: Faor Online, FAOR

C Today, we look at the world of unusual FAOR. FAOR online - it MMORPG (MassiveMultiplayerOnlineRole-PlayingGame), which runs in the browser without installing additional software, patches or clients. O nlayn game Faor in Execute in the spirit of fantasy, with characteristic is her original and unique sense of humor. The game has a simple, intuitive interface and great graphics.

So begin to plunge into the fabulous world Faor online, we need to first of all register. Join in the game is quite simple and FAOR practically does not cause problems, but we describe the registration process again. After clicking "Register" on the main page of the site will be asked to enter your personal login details. You must enter the address of the mailbox through which communication will be with us, choose a password and pick a secret question to reset your password in case you forget. You must also specify user agreement agreement with online games FAOR and compliance with the rules of the game itself. Of course, read the text of the agreements you can make a transition on the appropriate link. In the case of successful registration you will be taken to the character creation page, if there is an unexpected situation (for example, chosen mailbox busy), you will be prompted to enter other data. FAOR online game is one of the first, where you can choose the look of the player so colorful options. You can create a character, using a few tweaks

Character class, which defines the style of play the character set of weapons, as well as the characteristics of the hero. In the game there are 5 of the classes "Warrior", "Murderer", "Priest", "Mage" and "Ranger". FAOR online game provides a fair balance of classes, such as Warrior easily copes with the murderers and the Rangers, but the attack mages and priests inflict devastating damage from which soldiers are vulnerable. At the same time priests easily overpower mages attacks which protects them a powerful magical shield. Warrior will be exhausted in a fight with a priest by the ability to heal itself from the Priest. Online game FAOR similarly provides all the other characters strengths and weaknesses. Also, each class has its own branch of class skills - specific skills.

- Name: choose a unique nickname using the Latin or Cyrillic characters.

FAOR Registration allows you to customize the appearance of using several options for choosing which we can respond to themselves or to entrust the decision to the computer. Responsible for the appearance of

- The shape and color of eyes.

- Form hairstyles.

- Hair.

- Form beard. (For male characters)

- Skin color.

- The color of clothes.

Finished selecting features of the character, click on the "Create" button.

FAOR online registration does not take much of your time, so do not be afraid of loud word "registration".

Play the game online you can FAOR from any computer which has access to the Internet, because the system requirements are so small that now hardly meet a computer that does not satisfy them. More get accustomed to the interface of the game with which we have to work. There are many functional windows and drop-down menus. In order to play the game online FAOR we need to remember some relevant elements of the interface. Below the screen are buttons for access to important controls. Here we will see access to the skills of the character, his backpack, map or list of quests, etc. Character information shows the level of life, mana, experience, as well as a portrait of the character. Using the chat you will be able to play FAOR communicating with other players in the group to organize fights or confrontation 1 on 1.

Now Details about the FAOR world, is one of the worlds of the equilibrium, which is the realm of Harmony and the bottom of the Worlds. It is home to many different creatures of different races. Here you can meet people, magical elves from the Enchanted Forest, if you want you can see the foothill residents - gnomes and dwarfs, as well as sullen orcs, who are engaged in hunting, fishing and other fisheries.

In FAOR one huge continent, which stretches from west to east. Ocean water around him, although no one knows whether there are other islands and continents in this endless body of water. By the middle of the land grew only massif - crest of the Dragon, which gave shelter in their rock gnomes and dwarfs. West lies the plateau and the eastern part of the Arcadia - the country is occupied by troops Hunt forces of darkness. FAOR allows you to play and forget about the gray everyday life of the real world and to immerse your head in the confrontation of the five races, there is a place exactly where your character.


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