Far Cry 5

Alternative names: Far Cry 5

Game Far Cry 5: the cult of faith.

The game Far Cry 5, released in early 2018, was a first-person shooter, and excited the minds of socially active gamers. The script of the next series of Far Cry was developed several years and long before the planned release. In particular, the screenwriter of the game, Dan Haye, admitted that he was greatly influenced by the ideas of separatism.

To players, starting to play the game Far Cry 5, sensed the realism of what was happening, Dan wanted to write a believable scenario. For this, for two weeks, the development team went to Montana. They studied the rhythm of life, ideology, religiosity, values ​​and the reluctance of the population, so that someone outside would interfere with their usual way of life. It was this state that was subsequently taken as the basis for the development of events. Although the idea is not original, it completely coincides with the dogmas that such organizations adhere to.

When the leading line of the story opened, the developers received a petition from some citizens who expressed the wish that the fanatics, as antagonists, be presented in the form of Muslims.

An industrial, but such a realistic world.

After the announcement, many dream of sooner download Far Cry 5, and take the post of assistant sheriff.

The action takes place in the invented town of Hope, where the self-proclaimed radical prophet Joseph Sid declares that he came to save people from the hyena of fire. He instills into the minds of the inhabitants distemper and fears for the sake of attracting them to the ranks of society"The Gate of Eden." Only those who join will be saved, but he does not count on voluntary expression of will, and all means are being used. And if someone actively resists, the soul is"saved"against his will by a simple shot to the head, naturally, after a fierce prayer and absolution. When Sid went from words to threats, they tried to reason with him. But when threats were replaced by cruel attacks, people whose will remained unbroken, began to actively fight sectarians.

Starting in Far Cry 5 to play, as an assistant to the sheriff to arrest the organizer of the sect, who calls himself a father, and his followers brothers and sisters or"Messengers".

  • Faith depicts a good Samaritan woman to lull people's vigilance, forcing them to trust Sid.
  • But in the ranks of the resistance of the game iPlayer Far Cry 5 there are brave heroes:

    • Pastor Jerrom the priest, who witnessed, as part of the flock, went to the leader of the Gate of Eden.
    • Mary Fairgrave is one of the victims of sectarians. She is mistress of the tavern"Wings of Love", where blood was spilled, including her father.

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