Far Cry 2

Alternative names: Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 - a computer game in the genre of first-person shooter. Game Far Cry 2 is the second part of a series of games Far Cry, without considering various additions. But there is no darker than a continuation of the events of the story, and there is no connection to the public. The game has not been so popular, but still also has quite a number of his fans. Every game has its own peculiarity. Just trying to understand you where they came from, what is attracting all in the game. Play Far Cry 2 can only be alone, because by design only single-user mode. Your character is waiting for you.

May already be in a hurry to quickly download Far Cry 2, and lost in the gameplay. Or you can get acquainted with the game initially, reading and reviewing the reviews. And boldly with confidence download game Far Cry 2.

You are here appear on the territory of an African country, as the military, and the one main goal - the elimination from the world of illegal arms dealer. After all, to some extent, it was from him ongoing civil war is underway between the two warring parties: Ofoten - United Front Work Liberators and SNA - Union Popular Resistance. Fenced city, and do not let anyone not released. But the weapon just does not end. More survivors and civilians under threat of infection of various diseases. In general, all in a fatal condition. There just is not enough and you, or rather your character.

In the game you are involved such characters:

• Jackal;

• Ruben Oluvagembi;

• Addy Mbantuve;

• Oliver Tambossa;

• Leon Gakumba;

• Prosper Kouassi.

Jackal - the main villain in the game. Supplier of arms to the town. Fate depends on the protagonist.

Ruben Oluvagembi - survivor journalist who asks the hero for help in searching for records a conversation with the Jackal. Survived in these conditions.

Addy Mbantuve - cruel and domineering character. Ofoten heads an organization. Was struck to death enemies.

Oliver Tambossa - Major manages SNA. Not survived the war.

Leon Gakumba - doctor, subsequently added to Ofoten. He suffered death.

Prosper Kouassi - led street crooks in Pale. Included in the SNA was later killed.

All delivered to you Far Cry 2 missions are carried out with difficulty. And there on the way to move towards the main goal. In the end, you reach to the realization that, too, must die, because you probably are infected.

In achieving all your goals in order Far Cry 2 weapons such as machetes, assault rifles and machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols - machine guns, shotguns, light grenade launchers, pistols, explosives, flame throwers, mortars, and much more. Also additional version you get a refill.

Also has various transport, which helps to overcome the great distance to the target.

In game play Far Cry 2 is not difficult, just take care of life. A game Far Cry 2, for its part, with quite good graphics, with the maximum possible transmission reality of events will help you.

Good game! Thank you for your attention!


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