Alternative names: Farmandiya
Farmandiya game - a unique application. In fact, it is another variation on the "Farm", but the developers were able to make your creation unique and dramatically different from anything that is offered in the catalogs. The essence of the game, of course, remains the same: a player going into the draft, becoming a landowner, at his disposal a small flagged uchastochek from which subsequently have to make cool hacienda. However, all this is implemented in the application Farmandiya online in new ways, qualitatively. It is evident that the creators of the application came to work creatively. Due to this, in Farmandiyu play extremely nice. The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the game - just stunning graphics. All fruits and vegetables are similar to their real prototypes, and animals, due to the fact that made more "cartoony" look so comical and touching. Farmandiya Blooming Country, of course, require the landowner investments less strength and effort than the actual plot, but forget about the application for a long time is not recommended. Buying plants for planting, be sure to pay attention to their "shelf life". To the end of the harvest will be stored, it can be collected and get a financial reward. If you miss a few days, the crop withers and can only be removed from the garden completely free. Farmandiya - farm, which has everything you want. Gamers can choose vegetable and horticultural crops from a wide range of positions. If desired, the territory of the site you can organize a small pond for ducks and swans. Later on the same lake will increase, as well as the area of ​​the site. Only Farmandiya can play, not just planting and harvesting crops, few developers have decided to diversify the gameplay and make it more interesting. During gameplay, gamers will be able to build factories, processing a variety of products, feathers, wool. Product processing can eventually bring big profits. Here everything is in this business: if you want to earn more - not too lazy to put something first in their cause. Play Farmandiya absolutely free. The project, of course, has its own currency, but you can get it by selling the crop. In addition, the application has the most valuable unit calculation - diamonds. For this currency can buy the most interesting animals, enclosures for animals, some buildings. It can be purchased for real money (it is if you need urgently diamonds), or by visiting the app every day for a number of five-day period. Most loyal players receive two pebbles every five days. The draft Farmandiya can play online all registered users of social networks. The application is considered to multiuser, so playing, you can interact with your friends: Visiting friends, exchange gifts, help each other. The more friends, the more interesting it will be a game!

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