Alternative names: Destiny Craft


Game Fatecraft - it's absolutely free browser epic game. Huge world multiverse with massive cities with NPC, quests and PvP flags, which must be kept murderers from a safe place (similar they should be with the original system Ultima Online PVP).

Join in this game are not presented in Russian, so you need to do special tasks. In Fatecraft registration is as follows:

1. Need to find the main site of the game.

2. In the upper right corner click on «Connexion».

3. Beyond that, then click on «Créez le maintenant». This link, which is below the form to access the site.

4. After clicking the button, enter your user name.

5. Please write your email address in the next line.

6. Enter your unique password.

7. Please try again to enter the password. This is necessary in order to know whether you have entered the password for the first time.

8. If your friend has invited you to play this game, then in the next cell to specify its name.

9. Then after that click on «Cree mon compte».

Play Fatecraft You will be through a browser, so the most important thing - it takes care of your Internet connection.


In Fatecraft play you will be strongly modified Minecraft server that has dozens of plugins that it was a unique experience.

It uses RPG leveling system to allow players to control the level and engage in activities in the various classes, and eventually a profession that allows them to build your character around his unique style of playing.

For killing the game points roll in time, and there is rapid ways to reduce them, as well as, for example, the prison system is planned. There are custom materials, custom music, custom items, custom weapons, and much more. Players that support the game, allowed to become mayors, and develop their own cities that are expanding in size, as well as the ability to more and more residents wanted to move into them.

Unskilled player starts in the classroom and to align to the top you have the opportunity to choose one of the three main classes in the game.

Once you hit the top level, then you could choose the main class and work on professions that are available in each environment.

Basic 3 class in the game Fatecraft online:

1. Fighter - Weapon Classes - have a large number of weapons.

2. Magic - Magic Classes - their magic can break anyone.

3. Crafter - Craft Classes - only now they are capable of inflicting damage.


Fatecraft online - this is an incredibly fantastic game that will give you a lot of experience. You will feel the whole mysterious world, where a lot more then unexplored.

Game Fatecraft paying more attention to their actions, consider carefully strategy.

Let accompany you a real hit and set everything beautiful you see in igreyu.


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