Alternative names: FEAR

Game F . E . A . R - incredibly realistic first-person shooter with amazing battles and thrilling story. Project worked on the creation of Monolith Productions and
[ _21_] Day 1 Studios . As a result, users have received the original game in the style of an action movie that has a lot of positive features. This amazing imagination and cinematic special effects and unexpected situations in which you find yourself repeatedly during gameplay, and the ability to use the latest technology, as well as powerful weapons to kill enemies. Your enemies are ruthless. After this unusual people, and otherworldly forces. When the police, special forces and army become powerless, come to the rescue of guys F. R - Federal Response unit of activity. They specialize in the paranormal, besides they are armed with the latest inventions engineering. Starting F. R to play, you will fight with ghosts, but what is most strange, often become a target yourself. So remember, you are not on the prowl, and worth thinking about how to survive. Beyond the fear and tension of the nerves - that will test everyone who enters the world F. R online.

To become a member of the squad, you must create an account. Simple F. R registration will make you party a memorable event. How it all begin? When a secret military facility in the hands of terrorists, authorities have attracted special forces with the aim to save the hostages. However, soon lost touch with fighters and domestic surveillance camera through the government sees a shocking picture. Unknown force kills people, literally tearing their bodies into small pieces. Comes time to step F. R. Being a member of a special squad, which only you will not experience! Insidious enemies and uncompromising, they always try to block escape routes themselves appear in the most unexpected moments. But once you become a new employee undercover unit, you should be ready to fight desperately with the mystical evil.

F. R free fill your leisure thrilling moments. You do not just feel the adrenaline in the blood rises. You will have the opportunity to try out different modes: Deathmatch and SloMo Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and SloMo TDM, Capture The Flag and SloMo CTF, Conqueror ( three control points) and Conqueror All (five control points). You can use such an interesting feature as slowing time. Such a state is extended with special syringes that will sometimes find. At your disposal will be different weapons as firearms (AT-14 pistol, submachine gun, RPL, Assault Rifle G2A2, Combat shotgun VK-12, Prototype-7 Automatic gun MP-50 rocket launcher MOD-3, etc. ) And throwing (grenades, mines, radio-controlled mines). Do you opportunities, but do not forget that adversaries can perform the same steps as you, namely attack, ambush, hit or throw a mine fire. Be careful while wandering around the corridors of the bloody game. You have to move from one room to another, and if you can survive the next largely depends on your dexterity.


You'll love to play the game F. R, because it is fraught with so many surprises! Forward - straightened with otherworldly phenomena and feel of spices in this case. Good luck!


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