F.E.A.R. Online

Alternative names: F.E.A.R. Online
Many gamers are familiar with the virtual world F. R. Games in this series have long attracted the attention of the public. What is true, lately somewhat forgotten about them. And it is in vain, it is worth noting. After all, today the arena goes F. R. Online. This is the first online project ruler, who is counting on the attention of gamers from around the world. The game is distributed by the scheme free-to-play, so that the player can not worry about that at one point the project will require money from him. The principle of the game is not very different from all the other fighters - you need to move around the world to cooperate with like-minded people and to fight against the "bad guys." New game F. R. Online has prepared a lot of interesting jobs. The project is designed for different categories of gamers. Due to the fact that the game has some basic levels of difficulty (easy, medium and hard, to be precise), gamers will be able to practice a bit before you indulge in the thick of things! In simple mode, the player can fight the enemies on their own, at an average level of complexity it is joined by team-mate, but for this "hardcore" gamers need a group responsible. Of course, the foregoing implies that in F. R. Online play will be available in multiplayer mode. So now you can deal with the selection of the team. If the friends who share your hobbies gaming, in real life is not - does not matter, because the servers of the project can meet lots of like-minded people who are ready to be happy to accompany you and cover your back in a fight! If you are familiar with online games, the great need to understand that in F. R. Online Registration, you will need to begin gameplay. The developers tried to make the registration process as simple and quick, so all you need to - fill in the form, indicating your mailbox and date of birth. If you wish, you can be authorized using data from Facebook. A "experienced" users Aeria Games, and all will benefit from the previously registered data. Play the game F. R. Online will be learning how to run the story, described in earlier parts of the line. Jobs and storyline of the game is firmly connected to each other, thus stimulated by the passage of quests (for the successful fulfillment of tasks by the way, you can get pretty nice and helpful bonuses). Looking overview F. R. Online video, you'll learn that the draft awaits several modes. The most popular and developed, and is considered a classic defensive mode. The defense is based on the mode of "King of souls," a friend of F. R 3, which allowed the heroes to become implanted in the body of people. Classic mode is to send a couple of factions or groups to "work" on the hideous locations. From myself I can add that the collective game, you will be much more interesting. If possible, try to arrange skype-chat, then the game will turn into an unforgettable adventure!

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