Fiesta online

Alternative names: Fiesta

Fiesta Live - MMORPG game with client fi genre available to the public free of charge. Ons On Soft Company has long been known for his original ideas. And now fans can enjoy virtual entertainment a new online beauty product which combines serious events with a cartoon drawing of fun. Schedule the game at the highest level. Featuring 3-D image of the impression that everything that happens is real. Visitors waiting for the most exciting adventures in the world of dreams and magic. There are so many quests that you can not Minutka not sit idle. PvP and PvE system is equally well developed. And the ability to choose the direction of the development of many users as a balm for the soul. Join to the inhabitants of the mysterious lands to win in dangerous fights, having fun during the implementation of the peace jobs, and just enjoy life in such a beautiful universe!

Before Fiesta Online play, have to settle a few questions. First, check whether the configuration is suitable computer. Secondly, you need to register in the game Fiesta Online . Third, you should download and install the client. List of minimum system requirements pleases their loyalty: OS Windows 2000/XP, Pentium 4 processor 1. 6GHz, AMD XP 2500 +, AMD Athlon64 2800 + video GeForce MX 64mb, sound compatible with Direct x 9. 0, 3GB free hard disk space and RAM 512 mb. Fiesta Online registration involves filling out a form with these fields: name, email address, password, date of birth, sex. Then you can create the appearance of your character and choose vending class.

Fiesta game offers classes such as warrior, mage, confessor, arrows and a joker. To make the right choice, you need to know what they look like.

1. Warriors are strong, brave, persistent and tough. They are famous for their fighting skills and ability to lead the battle in close quarters. Their impressive physical strength allows to feel confidence.

2. Magicians command the secret elements. This ability makes them stand out among the other inhabitants of the world. And let them not very strong physically, able to fend for themselves in another way.

3. Arrows inspire fear any opponent. Their skills are varied and imaginative. Plus, they help the forces of nature. Feel most confident in the long battles. In these fighters need each team.

4. Confessor combine the ability to heal and attack. They are able to help victims comrades, but enemies with them not to mess. Moreover, they can even make stronger allies, increasing their damage.

5. Jokers different skill cause great damage just instantly. To throw opponents terrified they require very little time. They are very agile and fast, able to hang on the enemy bunkers, the effect of which appears gradually.

Play game Fiesta Online you will, moving through the levels. The higher the level, the stronger character. You will need to pump passive, active and alchemical skills. Perform various tasks and will be able to eventually get the title. It's quite nice when a certain title is attached to your name.

More in Fiesta Online has nice moments as an opportunity to find love and get married, to build their own home, found reliable friends, to win his actions credibility among the locals. Yet none of those who undertook to play Fiesta Online , did not complain of boredom! Before you really opens up a lot of opportunities! So do not miss this chance to also brighten their leisure pastime so much fun! May you always and in all luck!


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