Fifa 18

Alternative names: Fifa 18

Fifa 18: football is steeper than all! Game Fifa 18 super realistic football simulator.

Play the game Fifa 18 will be on platforms:

The real admirers of football can watch it around the clock, and if you play in a virtual field, then in any manifestations.

  • Xbox One
  • PK
  • Switch Nintendo
  • PS4 and PS3
  • Xbox 360

Unique technologies

Naturally, preference is given to high-quality projects with extensive capabilities and beautiful, detailed graphics. To such advanced fun belongs FIFA 18, which introduced the unique technology Real Player Motion. This means that management has become more flexible and pliable, and therefore directly affect the movements of Ronaldo and other players who will not be different from real life. Experienced players immediately feel it, appreciating the advantages. It is easy to recognize crown attacks, turns, company movements and filing of a football player. Developers have made an almost revolutionary breakthrough, and now how the computer character moves is directly related not only to its internal characteristics, but also to physical data.

Other game moments

Download Fifa 18 can be free in the form of a demo version, in order to feel the whole charm of the game process. It will be available mode Quick match and a small episode of the game. It's not unreasonable to subscribe to studio news and pre-order the game.

  • Manchester City
  • Atletiko Madrid
  • Real Madrid
  • Chulci
  • Toronto
  • Bavaria
  • PSG
  • Juventus

Without the people, any game loses its meaning, but usually in such toys, attention was paid to this issue indirectly well, there's something in the background, and all right. This time everything will be real: chants, waves, toilet paper in flight on the field. People will move between the rows, run up to the line of the field. That's great, is not it?

Talk about football for a long time, but it's better to download Fifa 18 and enjoy the game. Buy and sell players, hire coaches and other staff. Cultivate your own stars and contrast them to famous players.


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