Alternative names: FIFA MANAGER 13

Game FIFA MANAGER 13 is a famous football manager, which was developed by Electronic Arts. This game is designed for different operating systems Windows. You can try to play in FIFA MANAGER 13 in demo version, where their ability to check the football and good luck.

Line pro football game FIFA MANAGER 13 you can download it on the game's official website or on any other site that provides this capability. Also download Fifa Manager 13, you can use a torrent file, but for this you will need to download install the program.


You can play online in FIFA MANAGER 13 FREE register on the forum where you can chat with other players. To register for the forum FIFA MANAGER 13, you must specify:

1) your e-mail address.

2) The password and name.


Before the game or demo in full view of the game FIFA MANAGER 13 video that reveals the basic rules of the game and gaming capabilities. This knowledge will be useful to you in the future to participate in the game.

Also note the system requirements for the game FIFA MANAGER 13. Your computer must meet the following parameters:

1. Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz - Processor.

2. 1 GB - RAM.

3. 8 GB - HDD.


Each player in the game FIFA MANAGER 13 has a purpose. You and she must decide at the beginning of the game: the desire to be in the first team, improving their skills, the ability to play in the team and championships.

As a manager, your goal should be to maintain harmony in the team and meet all the needs and requests.

You in the game FIFA MANAGER 13 will be your assistant, who will help you in many ways:

- Business intelligence with the club,

- Creation of a psychological portrait of the player;

- In resolving conflicts.


In game FIFA MANAGER 13 you will improve their art of managing a football team.

The game has a special section that opens in front of you:

1) Personal rivalry between the partners in the club;

2) The objectives of the player;

3) Relationships with parterres player on the team;

This section will show you the main factors that affect the status of your team and the internal atmosphere in it.

In front of you in the game Postal new features - it's an opportunity to talk with the players. You can talk with his players about their personal goals and desires, as well as offer them new tasks for self-improvement.

Also, before you send the player in reserve, rent or sell it, you can talk to him about this subject and solve all the nuances.


Another new feature in the game is to increase the game screen to 1280x1024. This innovation allows you to expand the gaming space.

Game Fifa Manager 13 is still full of many surprises and innovations. The most important thing for you to show off a great manager who will lead his team to victory.

Study the information about the game, see movies that will surely help you in the future to get the status of the best football manager.

Good luck in sports sostezaniyah!


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