FIFA World

Alternative names: FIFA World

Game FIFA World needs no introduction and the story, as we believe that you should have heard about it, even if you do not football fan. This is one of the best games that has done so much qualitative form, when you look at it the first time, that most do not see it and can mix with this broadcast of the match. In this game you are free to organize the World Cup or a European Championship and win, of course, the team that you love. In principle, all the games that have been developed team EA Sports , have a competitive advantage over others because of its unmatched graphics and superior gameplay. But the game FIFA World online visual proof. When you look at the realistic look of the players and the ball movement workshops, we have thoughts about what you own real players and decide for them. Before this game was permissible only for those who have a set-top box, but this time it was made available to those who really been wanting to try their hand at Fifa, but given the opportunity, as there were no hookups. So rejoice in the players, now you can play on your personal computer.

You will be able to apply to participate in the game that's just the game itself at this time in the process of beta testing. And just in time for this game possible such as basic modes:

- UltimateTeam - in this game mode the entire match completely only in your power, and guided the destiny of the team. Your power will be able to buy and sell different players. Since the transfer market is always open (at any time) to everyone you have an opportunity, if you are nimble to learn more about their opponents. Every week, this mode is updated and run a variety of applications to it. This game mode will help you to play FIFA World free.

- Command League - in this mode you will have to pay one credit for any game. If you win the tournament or the same event, ie, the probability that you will reimburse your credit. With a frequency of gameplay, you can increase the amount of credit scoring.

In FIFA World registration is required, because it is online game. Thanks registering you will be able to apply for participation to test and visit one of the first lucky ones chosen.

At the beginning of registration you will be asked to specify a personal email in a row, which is located on the main page of the site game. When all the fill, click the "Send" button.

If you have not previously registered and have not created your account on the system Origin , then your attention will have the registration form after filling that you will play the game FIFA World. For those who have account already exists in such a system will be able to just go to the game just stating nickname and a secret code that applies to your account.

This game was translated into Russian, so that filling in the form, and further participation in the gameplay will not be difficult. Just follow the prompts that are system and fill in the sequence.

And then click on the "Register" button and wait for the moment when the administrators of the game you choose to gameplay.

FIFA World In play you get a diverse team, as well as the weekly team, composed of players will be determined by the results of the week (to them will treat the player who scored for the week in real time).


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