Alternative names: FireStorm

FireStorm game - exciting online shooter that requires the use of tactics. Elaborate ballistics, high drive, the modern system of PvP give users a sense of reality. And the ability to switch modes from the 1st and 3rd person games allow you to pick a style that is suitable for your personality. Here you'll be able to control the plot, enjoying exciting adventures. FireStorm online game has many advantages that distinguishes it among similar projects. Laconic easy interface, the original decision mmo-localization versatility sound impressive size cards in a variety of locations and in an accessible arsenal - all these and many other advantages can conquer even the most demanding users.

If desired, you can download and install the game client, but registration is required in the game FireStorm anyway. This simple process, which, like everything in this project is designed to attract, rather than repel players. Enter your email address (aka login) and create a password - that's all that requires you to register FireStorm. Well, that game was working properly, do not forget to make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements so

- Installed OS Windows XP SP 3 and later;

- CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 1. 8 GHz or similar AMD ;

- Video card that supports DirectX 9c;

- At least 1024 MB of RAM;

- 2 GB free hard disk space;

- Set Microsoft. NET 3. 5 SP1 Framework.

Download the game, you can play absolutely free FireStorm. Also here there is freedom of action. You can capture the flanks of the enemy, destroy enemy fighters and arrange real sabotage. FireStorm huge maps online allow you to participate in a battle at once 64 players. Before you appear as a living picture of mass battles. Well, where you will find the best way to raise the adrenaline in the blood?

Select how you want your character to play FireStorm. Four different class. It Engineer Assault, Sniper and Medic. Hero to develop properly, take part in various battles and follow interesting mission. All this brings the experience and allows you to grow. On combat performance and appearance affect the successful execution of each task. After all, no one will take your legal Awards! Bleed your hero and endowed with unique abilities. It is worth mentioning that the game has a talent tree that can turn an ordinary soldier in a super hero.

Nice that weapon selection is wide. Here you can find almost all types of modern military weapons. In addition there is a system of modules allows you to modify any weapon. Take the time to set grenade launcher or laser sight. After all, it will be much more likely to win.

Become the best of the best! Take proper position in-game rankings. Demonstrate the envy of all your skills. Compete on health and have the joy of getting valuable prizes!

An important element is a team game. As they say there is safety in numbers. So, join a clan, you can achieve much more. Besides yourself, you can not take part in clan wars, but with reliable associates - just right! Find your friends and create a community in which to play the game online FireStorm is fun and comfortable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the support group. Here there are answers to everything that interests you. Visit Russian game server - and you will understand why it is so popular! Try it on your own particular experience. Let you all well formed!


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