Alternative names: Florensia, Florencia

Game Florensia - free browser-based anime. Manufacturer company Net Time Soft. Only here you can live two lives. In Florensia, you can play both on land and on water, and even in the air. And that's where you want to land one level, perhaps even the highest, not the fact that you'll be on the water the best. And just to turn. And maybe you're strong throughout. But it's only you know when you register. First, check your computer's compliance with such requirements:

• processor with a frequency of 1.3 - 2.4 GHz;

• 512 MB RAM - 1 GB

• 64 MB video card;

• 4 GB hard drive;

• access to the Internet.

Florensia registration is not difficult than too happy. Now you can go to her and commit to the following sequence:

1. visit the official site;

2. select key called "register";

3. enter your login invented;

4. come up and write the password, how can more difficult;

5. invented to confirm this password;

6. fasten your name (first name), and so in the future you will be called;

7. enter your valid email address,

8. register again for confirmation;

9. select the day, month and year of your birth;

10. select your gender;

11. choose from the country in which you reside or are at the moment,

12. tick if you agree that you have reported on changes in the game,

13. confirm by ticking, agreement to the Terms of game;

14. click on "create account".

Play game Florensia insanely exciting. It is only necessary to begin. Initially, you can create the look of your character. It's all for it. Then the task is to choose a profession. The choice here is not great, Florensia Online offers four classes that have individual characteristics

• Explorer;

• Mercenary;

• Noble;

• Saint.

Explorer (isledovatel) - solves the most complex mysteries, easily passes mountains. Carry firearms and sword.

Mercenary (mercenary) - one of the clear leaders. At itself has a sword and shield.

Noble (nobleman) - the main weapon magic. In close combat I have no chance of winning.

Saint (saint) - plays the role of a doctor in the battle enters. Trying to heal the planet. Weapon dagger and magical weapon.


The path you choose for yourself yourself. Can lead a decent life sailor, greedy pirate who can lead everyday life and can be a skilled warrior. Can just go and can lead a life of the pirate. Supposed to play in the team, and the variant to be himself, and another option - to team with his pets, which allowed the plant, which will always help.

You travel the world, to the islands, which until recently were one-time continuous mainland. Do not forget that your every action is encouraged.

Game Florencia particularly attracted the attention of fans of anime, since the graphics done in the style of Japanese cartoon. Game bright, rich abundance of flowers. And good animation. Now the choice is yours. Good game!


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